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Want to Love Again

want to love again

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/dolove/

Genre : Romance

TV Premiere:

Production :

Director: Park hyeong-gi

Main Casts : Shin So-mi, Kim Byung-sae, Lee Eung-gyeong

Running Time per Episode : 30 mins

Total Episodes : 128 Eps

Brief Synopsis

Yeo-jin (Lee Eung-kyung), comes to see Eun-woo (Kim Ji-seok) who is wearing a prison uniform, cries and tells him that she loves him. Then Ji-heon (Kim Byung-se) helps Yeo-jin to her feet. A year ago, Yeo-jin was a standard wife who lived with her husband, Ji-heon who worked at an orthopedic university hospital, and her loud, cranky mother-in-law, Mrs. Shim (Yun So-jung). Eun-seo goes to visit her son, Min-hyung, who's hospitalized and cheers him up.

However, knowing that her son’s medical fees are quite a lot, she is a bit dejected. Min-hyung, who loves his father, Sung-tae (Sung Dong-il) a lot, tells his father of his release from the hospital and Sung-tae kisses his son’s picture in joy. Yeo-jin (Lee Eung-kyung) who lies about going to cooking classes goes on the train. Mrs. Shim (Yoon So-jung) gets angry at Yeo-jin since Mrs. shim doesn't want her to leave. She calls her son, Ji-heon (Kim Byung-se). Yeo-jin who is in a state of dilemma, end her phone conversation with Ji-heon and comes off the platform of the train station.

On the other hand, Chairman Yang (Park Ji-il) who calls over Sung-tae (Sung Dong-il) give him an envelope of money saying that he should at least do what fathers do. Sung-tae is so happy that he buys a toy gun that Min-hyung loves so much and goes to the hospital to visit Min-hyung (Yeo Jin-gu). Eun-seo (Sin So-mi), runs into Sung-tae at the hospital hallway but she ignores him and walks off. Mrs. Shim who finds out that Yeo-jin never went to the cooking classes, nags at her whether she was meeting her past boyfriend instead...

Source: SBS Global

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