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tomato korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

TV Premiere: 1999-04-21

Production : screenwriter- Lee Hee Myung


Main Casts : Kim Hee Sun as Lee Han-yi Kim Suk Hoon as Cha Seung-joon Kim Ji Young as Yoon Se-ra Kim Sang Jung as Cha Gi-joon Kim Yoo Ri as Om Yoo-na Kim Jin as Yoon Ho-tae

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 16 eps

Brief Synopsis

Tomato is a Cinderella story about two fashion designers and their fight to get the love of one man.

This serial is considered a classic before ‘Tale of Autumn’, ‘All About Eve’ and ‘Hotelier’ are shown. The producer is the same person who filmed ‘Popcorn’. She is Li Xi Ming. She likes to use food to describe love. In here, Han Ni plants tomatoes and gives one to Sheng Jun to take care of it. She likes it because when it is green, the outer skin is also green. When it is ripe, it is also red. She is encouraging him not to hide his feelings and must be brave to face it.

The viewership was more than 50% when shown in Korea. The simple storyline attracted many. The rivalry between the two women and the two mothers. The simple love between Hao Tai and Yu Na. It is very suitable for the young. The shots seem dreamy and fairytale-like too. Moreover, the dialogues are kept simple and interesting.

There are many scenes showing Han Ni and Sheng Jun playing the yoyo. All notice that Han Ni likes it so much that she plays it when she is strolling or thinking of Sheng Jun. This starts a trend between the young. They play yoyo everywhere – in school and also on the streets!

The serial built up Kim Suk Hoon’s image as a prince charming. He is mild-mannered and is very caring towards women. He is also hardworking and initially studied in Seoul Acting academy. However, he only studied there for a year and rejoins Chung Yang University’s acting faculty to graduate from there.

This serial also helped Kim Suk Hoon to win the best acting improvement and also one of the 10 acting artistes awards during SBS television anniversary show.

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