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Themselves korean movie

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Release date in South Korea : 2011/09/01

Genre : Drama

Duration : 98 min

Director : Yoon Tae-sik

Cast : Go Soo-hee, Kim Jini, Jeon Ji-hwan, Jang Chan-hee

Brief Synopsis :

Tae-sung, a blind man runs into Jini's (a pregnant and broken hearted woman) car while he was wandering outside his house. Rather than going to the hospital, Tae-sung suggests that they go on a trip. While they are hesitant to make a decision, Su-hee, a heavyweight boxer with low self-esteem runs into their car. The three decide to go to the beach, and on their way, they face various incidents... This is a road movie where the main characters who are suffering from each of their own problems become a special friend to each other.

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Themselves Trailer

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