Korean Movie

The Kick

The Kick korean movie

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Release date in South Korea :

Genre : Action

Duration : 105 min

Director : Prachya Pinkaew

Cast : Jo Jae-hyeon, Ye Ji-won, Na Tae-joo, Tae Mi, JeeJa Yanin

Brief Synopsis :

Watch out for this family in 2011! National team medalist Moon Sa-beom (Jo Jae-hyeon) and his wife Yoon (Ye Ji-won). Moon runs a Taekwondo gym in Bangkok, Thailand and lives happily with wife Yoon who has become an expert in kitchen action, his first daughter Tae-yang (Na Tae-joo) who is the expert in dance action, his second daughter Tae-mi (Tae-mi) who is the expert in highkicks and his third, Tae-poong who is quite the head-butter. The Moon family runs into a gang who run with the Thailand Royal family's legendary sword. They capture them at once and become the national hero's of Thailand but the third gets kidnapped by the gang. Will the Moon family be able to overcome this risk? The action family comes this November.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

The Kick Trailer

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