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The Daring Sisters (Rude Woman)

rude woman

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: MBC

Official Website : http://imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/rudewoman/

TV Premiere: 2006.07.29

Production : screenwriter- Mun Hee-jung

Director: Lee Seoung-ryul

Main Casts : Yu Ho-jung, Jung Ung-in

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 18 eps

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Brief Synopsis

As the title suggests, this drama is a frank and delightful story about the happiness women dream of, and the outrageous imagination hidden underneath. The series embarks with the intention to present realistic characters venturing to challenge their realities. Together with the clear belief that 'The greatest success in life that we are pursuing is happiness', this drama series narrates the stories of four women, racing towards happiness they have each defined in their own way. On this journey, they sometimes miss a step and loose their way, but rather than meeting their end, they search for and find a new starting line in the race for happiness.This series endeavors to provide new hopes for tomorrow to housewives in despair.

Song Mi-ju (Yoo, Ho-jung) – Dentist. Divorced but cute. Queen of breaking the rules

Possesses uncommon self-will and stubbornness, combined with the flexibility to ignore what other people say. Being hearty, kind and honest, and never a person to carry a grudge, she is 'coolness' itself. Hot-tempered but has a soft heart, and cannot endure injustice.

At the tender age of 20 she marries her first love Jeong Seok. At 23, she gives birth to a son who looks exactly like him. But at age 29, her husband falls for the dentist he visited to pull out a wisdom tooth, and is ditched along with the rotten tooth. She then leaves for the United States with her son, where she takes on any job she can find to make ends meet. She endures all sorts of difficulties to finally become a dentist.

If you ask her the reason for her newfound profession, her response is always 'No comment!'

During the ten years of living alone, she had to take care of all kinds of household chores such as changing light bulbs, fixing the pipes, mending fences, and repairing electronic products, allowing her to master skills comparable to that of female MacGyver. However, there's much to be said about her cooking, and as for cleaning, she feels uneasy if the house is too clean.

Raising her young son alone, she has forgotten how to cry, and has developed a nerve that is not to easily deterred. She has acquired her own way of living alone such as jogging to release stress and drinking wine to solve sleepless nights. But she cannot seem to cure the pent-up rage she feels for Jeong Seok that flares up suddenly.

One day, her sixteen-year old son declares his independence, and she climbs on the airplane headed back to Korea. Her goal? To take revenge on Jeong Seok!

She approaches Jeong Seok's new wife, and manages to get herself scouted to her hospital. She even moves into the house next-door to her ex demonstrating a carefully planned scheme for her revenge.

However, because of her easy character, Mi-ju can't stop herself from making stupid mistakes, and being an affectionate person, she could never be cruel. On top of that she meets this picky guy nicknamed Rookie, who stimulates her compassion that cannot bare to see others go hungry even when her own plate is empty. Plotting revenge on Jeong Seok, and quarrelling with Rookie, Mi-ju’s life has certainly become hectic.

The wound Jeong Seok's infidelity has inflicted on her was not the label of being a divorced woman, but the wall she has built around her heart that prevents her from loving another man lest she be hurt again. The love battle with Rookie, which brings down this wall, is ever so noisy. Eye for an eye! Tooth for a tooth! That's what she declares to her ex, but she ends up protecting his second marriage. Song Mi-ju, she is too cute to be 39 years old!

Ko Sang-mi (Sa Kang) – Dedicated, full-time housewife with a dual mask. Queen of feigning innocence!

On the outside she is packaged as the perfect wife possessing grace, charms and affection while excelling in housework, and assisting her husband. But when you look closer, being a natural empty-headed beauty, she is treated like a maid by her husband.

In school, she had no talent for studies but firmly believing that 'the girl with good grades can never stand up against the girl with good looks, and the girl with gook looks can never stand up against the girl with good fortune’, she worked hard to take care of her appearance to become that 'girl with good looks'.

Fortunately, thanks to her attractive appearance, the first year that she moved to Seoul City, she meets Ji-hwan while working part-time as a party planner for a catering company. She marries Ji-hwan, and becomes 'the girl with good fortune' envied by people around her.

In a flash Sang-mi has climbed up the social ladder through the marriage she dreamed of. Her heart ached when she thought about her parents in the country who have stopped all contacts with her, only praying for their daughter’s happiness. So she tries hard to be content, telling herself she has realized her dreams of living as a good wife

Now, small lies such as lying about her education has become second nature to her, but her inferiority complex she feels towards her husband because of differences in their education and cultural background always makes her anxious that her ignorance will be revealed.

Did someone say good cooks keep their husband's heart? Well, wearing a white apron, she wanted to become a pioneer who will lead her tired husband to the dining table, but instead she is living as a well-trained housemaid. As time passes, there is hardly any communication with her husband, let alone any sex, and her secret worries that she can't share with anyone just becomes bigger and bigger. She has long passed using housework, interior decorating, cooking and cleaning as a way of releasing stress. Now she has become addicted to internet card playing, on-line chatting, stealing and even alcohol, displaying near-professional skills in all these areas.

Sang-mi insists she naturally does not gain weight no matter how much she eats. But her secret diet know-how is gorging herself with food and throwing up. She has symptoms of depression but maintains her outer appearance of a happy housewife, living the life of 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'.

She loves children, so she sometimes looks after Eun-yeong's daughter, Hana, passionately desiring to have a child of her own. However, even though she has been married for eight years, she is still childless, making her feel even more inadequate. As years pass, her urgency for a child grows stronger, but her husband is not at all co-operative making her suspect that he is having an affair.

Her mother-in-law adds to her stress of infertility by bringing her oriental medicine and making her try out all sorts of folk remedies. And there is her sister-in-law who subtly looks down on her. They all make her feel even more suffocated.

Having no one to empty her heart out to, she feels she will die of suffocation. Every time she feels like this, she runs to fortunetellers to gain solace. Blindly depending on these fortunetellers, she wastes all her money on paying for charms such as one for getting pregnant, one for preventing her husband's infidelity and so on.

Then her mother-in-law finds out about her alcohol dependency and on-line chatting, and she is pushed to the point of being divorced. But thanks to her friendship with Mi-ju who understands her position better than anyone else, she realizes the emptiness of her life focused on feigning happiness.

Thanks to her unexpected pregnancy, the situation overturns, but her heart struggles between divorce and finding herself. She chooses to pursue life that will allow her to become happy, not a life that looks happy to others, and decides to protect her marriage.

Yang Da-rim (Oh Ju-eun) – Majored in cello. Presently unemployed. Master of attracting men. Queen of eye-pitching!

('Eye-pitching' is a skill for attracting men. When you raise one eye slightly, men will kneel right before you)She packages herself with an air of innocence and gingerly way of talking, but her true self is that of narcissism centered on conceit, looking pretty and acting like the 'new generation'.

Lying comes so natural to her that at times she can't distinguish between her lies and truths. Just like an eight-color bird, she combines qualities of innocence, sexual appeal and certain cuteness making her a master of attracting men.

She pretends to be the ultimate realist, but the truth is that she is like any other woman dreaming of true romance.

Since she dispises women who undergo plastic surgery, she has never put a knife to her face, but she has received all sorts of diet injections, and with her skin showing initial stages of aging, she is dedicating herself to skincare.

She is not desperate to get married because of her age. No, she has dreamed of becoming the perfect wife ever since childhood. She majored in music because that is class A qualification for getting a good catch, and if the college she attended is third class, that’s not important because marriage doesn’t depend on school grades. Thanks to her naturally innocent and frail appearance and personal charms, she has first class potential in the marriage market. Of the 100 arranged marriage introductions she attended, she prides herself on never having been jilted, not even once.

She believes that she can get married right now if she wants to but is waiting for the love of her life with whom she can live happily until they get old.

She has been seeing Rookie, a professional baseball player, for about a year. Possessing star potential, he is the guy she has been going out with the longest. But there is always that 1% something that is lacking. Then through one of the arranged marriage introductions, she meets Baek Eok-nyeon, who has just passed the bar exam. She dangerously balances her relationship with the two men, but with the appearance of unexpected rival Mi-ju, realizes Rookie is the one she loves.

She mobilizes all means to separate Rookie and Mi-ju, but this divorced, older woman is not an easy competition. She boldly ends her relationship with Eok-nyeon to win over Rookie, but whenever she feels distressed, she leans on the former for consolation. Then she finds herself treating Eok-nyeon with sincere feelings, rather than simply thinking of him as someone to turn her charms on. She feels comfortable with this guy who accepts her disheveled appearance, and even her tantrums. Not realizing that this feeling for him is true love, she continues to cling to Rookie until Eok-nyeon leaves her. She finally realizes that the way to a man’s heart is not through the skills of pitching her eyes, but through sincerity. With a new heart and outlook on life, she goes out to another arranged marriage meeting where she meets her true love, Baek Eok-nyeon.

Seon-wu Eun-yeong (Iim Ji-eun) - Dentist. Head of a small hospital. Master of charms. Queen with the thickest skin!

Selfish, pretentious and greedy, she never rests until she gets everything she wants. Audacious and sharp-tongued, anyone can tell that she has been spoiled never thinking about other people's feelings. Her alluring smiles and charming talk are the weapons for melting her husband’s heart.

She seems easily influenced by others, but at the decisive moment her selfishness takes over. She can only be happy when things go her way. Even though she pretends to be otherwise, she maintains her looks with continuous plastic surgery and dieting.

Having stolen another woman’s man, she is always suspicious of her husband who was so unfaithful to his first wife. But in the end she is the one who has a secret affair with her husband’s older school buddy.

She befriends Mi-ju at a dental seminar, and scouts her to her hospital, even finding her a home right next-door. But when she finds out that Mi-ju is her husband's ex-wife her attitude changes completely, and without even giving a thought to her past sins, she accuses Mi-ju of being a husband snatcher. True to her blind hot temper, she takes out her anger on tormenting her husband and Mi-ju.

However, if indulgence can be given to this apparent villainess, it’s her sincere love for her husband. Because of Mi-ju's revenge, which starts about the time she ends her secret affair with her husband's friend, her marriage hits the rocks but she wages a fierce battle to protect her marriage and keep her husband. In the process she realizes the simple principle of life that if you make someone else shed tears, you yourself will shed tears of blood.

Hating to loose while loving her husband sincerely, enables her to gain victory in the end, but the joys of winning is so very bitter.

Jeong Seok (Cheng Woong-in) - Department Head of Plastic Surgery Eun-Yeong's present husband and Mi-ju’s ex-husband

Cowardly and indecisive. Possesses a menial attitude of being weak over the strong and strong over the weak. He chooses love over his wife and child but life with Eun-yeong is not much better.

Having a working wife, he has to share housework and child-raising, so daily life is exhausting for him. He sometimes misses the old times when he bossed over his ex-wife, but has no wishes to go back to her. He wants to be known as a devoted husband, but the truth is he is more of a hen-pecked one.

He is taken back and is afraid of Mi-ju’s sudden appearance, but soon after his fatherly love is rekindled when he sees his son.

Having lost the right timing to tell his wife that Mi-ju is his first wife, he lives in constant fear until the truth is revealed. He suffers at the hands of his present wife, but finds out about her infidelity, and rages over his wife’s betrayal. Through Eun-yeong, he gets back all the pain and hurt that he inflicted on Mi-ju. He apologizes to Mi-ju with all his heart, and decides to go back to her. However, Mi-ju advises him not to break another family, and so he stays with Eun-yeong.

Rookie. Real Name: Jang Wu-jin (Lee Ki-woo) - Professional baseball player. Pitcher turned batter

Bright and playful, he is honest, simple and never conniving. He seldom becomes angry but better watch out if you hurt his pride.

Possessing a very strong will to win he will not rest until he does even if it's something trivial like a computer game. But he is big-hearted about major issues in life, making him truly a man among men. Being an orphan, he managed to maintain his positive despoition thanks to baseball.

His career sped along through high school, college and as a professional player winning him the Best Rookie Award. However, only throwing straight balls just like his personality, he falls into a long slump.

Believing it to be his last opportunity he endures rigorous training and masters diverse pitching styles, making a successful comeback. With his advancement into the US major league right in front of him, he hurts his shoulders during a game and his dreams are shattered. Believing that 32 is too old an age to start again, he gives up baseball and joins the rank of unemployed.

Witnessing his girlfriend Da-rim’s infidelity, he declares his break-up with her. But she is the first woman that he has ever had a serious relationship with, and it's not easy to stop her from controlling him.

Not understanding women, having a relationship is difficult for Rookie. Being an orphan he has special dreams about having a family, and he invests all the money he earned as a baseball player into buying a house. However, because of his manager's one-sided decision, he ends up renting out his house.

His tenant is Mi-ju, and while quarrelling and fighting with each other, he falls in love, and finds his hidden wounds and painful memories of being deserted by his parents, healing. He realizes his love for baseball cannot be ignored, and puts on his baseball gloves again. Thanks to Mi-ju's absurd training methods, he realizes for the first time in his life that baseball is not an occupation but a fun game.

Newly found affection for baseball grows together with his love for Mi-ju. Going onto the baseball ground as a batter, he presents his first homerun to Mi-ju.

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