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Spy Papa

Spy Papa korean movie

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Release date in South Korea : 2011/10/27

Genre : Comedy, Family

Duration : 80 min

Director : Han Seung-ryong

Cast : Lee Doo-il, Kim So-hyeon-I, Min Kyeong-jin, Lee Seung-yeon-I, Park No-sik, Koo Hye-ryeong

Brief Synopsis :

A spy father and a daughter who goes after spies?

Spy dad.

Lee Man-ho (39) who runs a laundrette in North Korea is an anti-North spy, or commie who was dispatched as a resident spy 14 years ago. He does anti-North activities every night such as decoding passwords from the South for his country.

Spy catching daughter.

Soon-bok (11) is an anticommunist fourth grader. She is passionate about orating anitcommunism, drawing posters and picking up North Korean leaflets enough to recieve a commendation for crime prevention then starts catching spies.

Finally caught spy...dad?!

While chasing after a graverobber in the mountains, she finds out her father is a spy and Man-ho also realizes that his daughter knows about his identity. They both don't know that they both know about each other and Man-ho worries that Soon-bok will get hurt because of him.

What choice will the daughter and father make?

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Spy Papa Trailer

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