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Spring Days

spring days korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/bomnal/

TV Premiere: 2005-Jan-08

Production : screenwriter- Kim Kyu Wan

Producer: Kim Jong Hyuk,

Main Casts : * Ko Hyun Jung as Suh Jung-eun * Jo In Sung as Go Eun-sup * Ji Jin Hee as Go Eun-ho * Lee So Yeon as Kim Kyung-ah * Han Go Eun as Kim Min-jung * Lee Hwi Hyang as Eun-sup's mother * Jang Yong as Eun-sup's and Eun-ho's father

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 20 eps

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Brief Synopsis

Loosely adapted from the popular Japanese drama, Heaven's Coins, Spring Days tells the story of Suh Jung-Eun (Ko Hyun-Jung), an elusive beauty who has suffered a trauma so great that she loses the will to speak. Go Eun-Ho (Ji Jin-Hee) is the doctor who helps Jung-Eun find a way to overcome her past. But just when her gratitude starts to blossom into love, fate cruelly intervenes, leaving Eun-Ho in a coma, caused by a car accident when driving with his long lost mother who died at the scene.

At the hospital Jung-Eun meets Eun-Ho's stepbrother Eun-Sup (Zo In Sung), who is also a doctor. Despite his best intentions, Eun-Sup finds himself powerless to resist Jung-Eun during Eun-Ho's coma stage. Later Eun-ho does regain consciousness, but as a man living in his childhood state of memory. In his mind he starts to gain back little by little of his memory. One day as he intercepts a car, he starts to recall the past and understand the unacknowledged pain and fear of cars resulting from his mother's death.

Jung-Eun being fed up of the truth tells him the shocking news that his mother died in a car accident. Latent rivalries and misunderstandings come to a boil as the two brothers fight for Jung-Eun's affection, with other opposing characters making matters worse. A bar girl and Kim Min-jeoung all despise Jung-Eun for stealing the hearts of Eun-Sup and Eun-ho respectively. Eun-sup's mother also shows disdain for Jung-eun since she has relation to her grandfather, who she sees as a threat to her marriage. Spiteful that Eun-ho desires to marry Jung-eun, Eun-sup's mother contemplates a plan using Min-jeoung to invade their relationship. Min-jeoung visits Jung-eun one day deceitfully telling her that she is hindering Eun-ho from his career success in furthering his studies at the most prestigious John Hopkins Medical School, which his family most heavily desired for Eun-ho. Believing this Jung-eun breaks off the engagement with Eun-ho, and leaves him. Eun-sup one day sees the phony pamphlet of the medical school Min-jeoung presents to Jung-eun and tells Eun-ho about it.

Min-jeoung reveals to Eun-ho her scheme was done out of her love for him. Eun-ho confronts Jung-eun and tells her about the misunderstanding, but Jung-eun seems unmoved by this matter to go back to him. She then admits her heart loves Eun-seob, not him. After Eun-Seob sees Jung-eun's true heart they spent more time together before she goes back to Biyang Island. In the end, Eun-ho decides to forget his feelings for Jung-eun and force himself to fall for Min-jeoung. The two brothers were reconciled. Eun-seob leaves Seoul to become a doctor of the Biyang Health center, while living with Jung-eun. The ending scene reminds us of the beginning as Jung-eun runs to the ferry to reunite with her love, who is now Eun-seob.

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