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Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/she/

Genre : Romance

TV Premiere:

Production :

Director: Lee Hyeon-jik

Main Casts : Shim Hye-jin, Jang Dong-jik, Jung Sung-hwan, Oh Yun-ah

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 20 Eps

Brief Synopsis

One day, Ji-su (Shim Hye-jin) who was living a very normal life, notices a very strange aura about her husband, Jae-min. All of a sudden, her husband Jae-min (Jang Dong-jik) said that he found his marriage life very stuffy, so he wanted to marry Se-jeong who helped him find a meaning to life. Ji-su tries hard to guard her family, but because of Jae-min's imprudence, she decides to divorce him. However, Se-jeong was already in love with Do-yeon, and in her reckless courting, he ends up marrying her. However, Do-yeon was already in love with Ji-su...

Source: SBS Global

Dramas - 1996