Korean Drama

She is Cool

she is cool

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://shezzang.kbs.co.kr/

Genre : Romance

TV Premiere: 2003-11-10 to 2003-12-23

Production :


Main Casts : Ryu Shi Won as Yoo Ho-min, Ahn Jae Mo as Lee Dong-ki, Kang Sung Yun as Ha Hye-kyung.

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 14 Eps

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Brief Synopsis
Hae-kyung is a daughter of a gangster leader. Lee dong-ghi is one of the toughest members of the gangster. Michael is a monk who tries to protect a woman even if it means violating a Buddhist commandment. Through them, presents what it means to be involved in love and genuine friendship. The two courageous men and Hae-kyung, with her dry sense of humor, arouse suspense and make us laugh at the same time. All of us may feel alienated at one time or another, but determination and love installed in human nature are powerful enough to change all of our lives. Through their experiences, "She is cool" helps us rediscover the true meaning of hope and life.

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