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The secret Lovers (A Man and a Woman)

the secret lovers

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Broadcasting company: MBC

Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/secretlovers/index.html

TV Premiere: 2005.08.29

Production : screenwriter- Kim In-young

Director: Park Seoung-Su

Main Casts : Han Ji-hye, Kim Seok-Hoon

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 20 eps

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Brief Synopsis

Love is One Thing, Marriage is Another Thing?! Everyone places different value on different things. The moment you fall in love you don't care about things like the person's appearance or educational background or financial status. In fact the more differences you find between you and that person - the more attractive he or she seems. The more obstacles you face - the stronger your passion becomes. However, not all the couples in love end up getting married. In a sense, marrying someone is much more complicated since it sometimes requires more than just love between the two people. Do we expect different qualities from a person we go with just for fun and the person we go out with to marry? Yes, we do. Love CAN'T conquer everything. 'I Love You, but I'll Marry Her! Love comes without warning. You might meet someone who steals your heart in the most unexpected place and on the most unexpected occasion. If the feeling is mutual you want to believe that you're meant to be with each other. At that very moment at least… However how many of you would still consider marrying that person when you later find out that he or she doesn't have any education or a decent family or a job? 'Honesty Isn't Always the Best Policy?' When you break up with someone how honest are you about the reason that you want to leave? ‘Her family is so poor. I don’t want to support them…’Or how honest can you be about the reason that you want to marry that person?‘You’re not the most attractive man I've met. But I love what you possess. You can help me change my life. Sometimes you can see clearly why he or she wants to leave you or marry you. However, you don't always want to admit the truth. You'd rather hear some beautiful lies about the reason why he or she wants to leave you or have you. 'Is Everyone Equal Before Love?'Our expectations about love and marriage differ. However tragedy occurs because we don't always love the person that we find it possible to spend the rest of our life together. This drama asks all those singles who go between true love and harsh reality to look to their forgotten passion for real love. It describes the dreams of the four young men and women living in the metropolis of Seoul - as well as the lives that they're expected to live by other people around them. By watching these four people's clever but honest love games viewers can understand what they truly believe and search for in life. Even love becomes cold and calculating in our world. This drama delivers to viewers not only the sad reality of the bitterness of life - but also the joy of love and life.

Seo Young-ji (25 years old) - Han Ji-hye

God, what should I do? I want something I shouldn't wish for; She's a go-getter. She' s nice and cheerful. Her life is not so easy, but she's very optimistic about it. She's a high school graduate and the only provider in her family. Her life seems hard and desperate, but she strongly believes that better days will come. Her dream is to become the famous storywriter. She wants to be a best-selling writer like Joan Rowling. However, for now, she has to work as many jobs as she can to make a living. She works at the flower wholesaler's in the morning and in the department store parking lot during the day. She works as a designated driver, too. She's always on the move. She always keeps a journal and takes notes, which provide precious inspiration for her story. Sometimes when she feels sorry for herself or her life seems pathetic, she makes up a story and tells it to herself, even though no one else hears; Every dog has his day. What happened to my day? One day, Young-ji goes to a dog and asks it a question. The dog answers, You know, you're not a dog. Poor thing, a dog's life would be better than yours. Her mother left her alcoholic father and her behind. Her mother promised her that she would come back for her after she made lots of money. She still believes it. She believes that her mother will come rescue her when she desperately needs some help. She puts most of the money she earns in the Gold Bank in her neighborhood. She falls in love with Choi Do-kyeong who works in the bank. They go out several times. She thought that he loved her, as well. However, he cruelly dumped her saying that she's too poor. She's terribly hurt. She rethinks her position on men. She realizes that they don't like poor women. She finished a story and sent it to a publisher. However, her story is rejected and unfavorably criticized by an editor. To make things worse, her father spent all her savings. She's becomes hopeless about her life. She wonders if her misfortunes have something to do with her appearance. She goes to plastic surgeon Jeong Ah-mi whom Young-ji met working as a designated driver. They become good friends. Ah-mi is reluctant to go on a blind date arranged by her parents. She asks Young-ji to meet Kim Jun-woo and act as if she were Ah-mi. Young-ji is supposed to make the man dislike his date. However, he thinks she's unusual and cute. They go out a couple of times. When she starts having feelings about him, she feels confused.

Kim Jun-woo (31 years old) - Kim Seok-Hoon

Did Cinderella's Prince experience the same problems as mine? If he didn't, he must've been a pretty decent man. He's a freelancer art director. He's a rising star in the performance art arena. He studied the history of art and design in New York and Chicago. He came back to Korea after finishing his master's degree. He works as the art director of some major performances. He's also a very popular instructor in some college. He's often invited to art galleries and colleges to give special lectures. He's very popular with women. He enjoys being popular, but he wants to meet the love of his life and settle down. He's very optimistic and he often does something that's really off the wall. He's a bookworm. He reads a lot regardless of genre; from comic books and children's books to science books and philosophy books. He was an obedient son to his stubborn philosophy professor father. However, he didn't become a doctor as his father wanted. He went to medical school, but he literally passed out during his first anatomy class. Since then, the whole school knows him. He finally quit school. He secretly prepared for studying abroad and left for the US. Since he was 20 years old, he's never been a submissive son. Recently, he has trouble with his parents regarding his marriage. He started going on blind dates arranged by his parents. He hasn't met anyone who's stirred up his mind. One day, he meets a plastic surgeon with a wonderful background. Unlike what he expected from a female doctor who has it all, she seems warm-hearted and different. This is the woman he's been looking for! However, he finds out that she's not Jeong Ah-mi, but Seo Young-ji who doesn't have anything, but her troubled family. He believes that Ah-mi is a better match for him for her beauty and intelligence. However, he's more attracted to Young-ji. If he chooses to marry Young-ji, he has to take care of her alcoholic father, two siblings and her aunt. He's always believed that he's a cool guy who doesn't care about such things. He tells himself that he can overcome anything with love. However, the reality isn't as romantic as he thought. He loves her, but he realizes that he can't marry her. He hates to admit it, after all, he's a snob like many others.

Jeong Ah-mi (29 years old) - Song Seon-mi

You don't have anything, but you want me? You'd better completely change your life. She's a plastic surgeon. With her dermatologist friend, she opens the Jeong and Lee Clinic She's rather a perfectionist. She's always smiling and cheerful. She's well connected with many powerful people. TV stations always invite her to be on their show and give their viewers advice. She's always invited to different kinds of parties. She seems to enjoy hanging out with people. However, her cheerfulness and kindness aren't always voluntary. She has an inferiority complex about her family background. She was born out of wedlock. When she was growing up, she and her mother were treated like dirt. She wanted to become someone important. She worked hard and went to a prestigious college. Now, she's a doctor. She wants to overcome her complex by marrying a man from a good family and by making a wonderful family of her own. She only sees men working in the field of law or in financial circles. She's a shopaholic. When she feels depressed, shopping is the only thing that makes her feel better. Her house is full of the brand-new clothes and shoes. She cares about what other people think about her. She believes that maintaining a good image is very important. She wants to look beautiful and fabulous. She once truly loved a man at college, but she was too demanding and ambitious to stay with him. He was poor and he didn't seem to have anything. She heard that he moved to Nepal and opened a small store, happily married. She met a judge. They went out a couple of times, but he asked her whether it was true that she was born out of wedlock. They stopped seeing each other. It seems impossible for her to find someone who accepts her just the way she is. Perhaps, her first love was the only person who could have accepted her without condition. It makes her depressed. One day, a young woman comes to her clinic and asks her if her life can be changed with a change in her appearance. She meets her again as her designated driver. They get to know each other and she starts genuinely to like Young-ji. She gets Young-ji a better job and takes her to parties. She shows Young-ji that there are different worlds than hers. She usually doesn't want to meet a man if he's not a lawyer or a judge. However, she reluctantly agrees to meet Kim Jun-woo and sends Young-ji instead. She asks her to make him hate her. However, later she happens to meet Kim Jun-woo who reminds her of her first love. She starts to like him. She believes that he likes her, too. However, it seems that he has someone else on his mind. One day, she meets Choi Do-kyeong who delivers flowers and a song from Kim Jun-woo. She feels attracted to him. She feels that Do-kyeong likes her, too.

Choi Do-kyeong (28 years old) - Kwon Oh-jung

You have everything that a man wants from a woman. You're beautiful and wealthy. He's a very ambitious social climber. He graduated from a vocational college. He cheated on his school I.Q. test and scored 140. However, he believes that his real I.Q. is not more than a two-digit number. He's diligent, but his heart seems bigger than his brain. He works in a small bank. He learned early in his life that he couldn't live a fabulous life because he doesn't have rich parents or special talents. He's secretly, but carefully planning the embezzlement of 3 billion won before escaping abroad. He searches for the best hiding spot on the Internet and studies previous cases of embezzlement. He thinks he's clever, but he's rather naive and honest. He enjoys shopping for fake brand name goods in the black market. He's muscular and strong. People sometimes wonder if his brain is made of muscles, too. His parents and a couple of brothers live in the countryside. He's the only one in the family living in Seoul. He's never been in a serous relationship because he has extremely high expectations of his women, but his pockets are empty. He's interested in Young-ji, but he can't stand her poor background. He refuses when Young-ji asks him out. He said to her,I don't want to go out with you because you look poor and it embarrasses me. After dumping Young-ji, he feels terribly sorry for what he did to her. When his boss senses his plan for fraud, he fires him. He gets a part-time job at his friend's event company as deliveryman. When he goes to Ah-mi to deliver a love song, he has a crush on her. Since then, he's dreaming of becoming a male Cinderella. Kim Jun-woo sends a bigger gift and a song to Seo young-ji, as well. He feels awkward singing in front of Young-ji. He feels miserable and on the other hand, he feels sorry for Ah-mi. He started to like Ah-mi because she's rich, but he gets confused when he starts to have serious feelings about her. He thinks that he still wants to be with her even though she has nothing. He can't understand what his problem is; he wanted to be like Cinderella. He's surprised at himself. He thinks that he should just let her go to the man who is a better match for her. However, that man doesn't seem to care about her as much as he does.

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