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Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

TV Premiere: 2003.05.31

Production : screenwriter-

Director: Lee Seung-yeol

Main Casts : Kim Tae-hee, Gong Yoo, Park Jung-chul, Oh Seung-hyun

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 18 eps

Brief Synopsis

Cheerful and bright, So Hyun is creative as well. She is the only-child of a prominent artistic film director, Kim Jung Woo. Having lost her mother at an early age, she spends her days happily with her father who is like a friend. They at times have heated discussion on movies, worries about each other's health. Her father is the owner of Sukyoung Theater and their intimate father and daughter relationship is well known.

Yu Ra is in the same class as So Hyun. She is the only child of Spong Hyun Kun, a wealthy real estate holder. She is a pretty and an intelligent girl with many dreams. But the fact that her father used to be a bouncer at Sukyoung Theater makes people call her 'the daughter of an ignorant overnight millionaire' which hurts her pride seriously while growing up. This makes her study harder and she grows to be an honor student. But no matter how hard she tries, So Hyun is the daughter of Sukyoung Theater's owner and she, the daughter of a bouncer.

Director Kim is creating a life-long masterpiece which will be both meaningful and enjoyable. But with the scheme from Segabox Film, the production cost is cut off and Director Kim puts up Sukyoung Theater, which is like a part of him, for sale. Thus, Song Hyun Kun decides to buy the theater and makes a nominal transfer before making any payments when there is news of accident that Director Kim has died in a fire at the editorial room. Hyun Kun, despite the trust, pretends to have made all the payment and the investors who have invested in the movie demands money to So Hyun who they eventually kick out from her house. Having lost everything in one moment, So Hyun falls into devastation. Oh Kwang Su then encourages her to live her life happily as the daughter of Director Kim. With his word of encouragement, So Hyun is able to recover from shock and restarts her life living at Mr. Hwang's home. After Kwang Su leaves, Yu Ra's father sells the theater and leaves town. Left all alone, So Hyun goes to the theater and promises to live her life that will make her father proud.


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