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Opposite Attraction

opposite-attraction, Queen of Ahyun

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: MBC

Also known as: Ah Hyun Dong's Madam, Queen of Ahyun

Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/madam/

Genre : Romance

TV Premiere: 2007-Jul-16

Production :Producer: Son Moon Kwon,Script Writer: Im Sung Han.

Director:Director: Choi Yi Seob.

Main Casts :Wang Hee Ji Kim Min Sung, Kang Se Jung, Park Joon Myun, Park Jae Rom, Kim Byung Gi, Kim Hyung Ja, Ock Seung Il, Nam Il Woo, Lee Bo Hee, Choi Sun Ja, Kim Hye Eun, Lee Dong Joon, Lee Hwi Hyang.

Running Time per Episode : 30 mins

Total Episodes : 120 Eps

Brief Synopsis

An ambitious new TV series written by writer Lim Sung-han whose works include 'Story of a Mermaid' and 'Love in Heaven'!

There are crimes happening every day... The law enforcement system is stretched to its limit... Prosecutors and detective analyze case after case to uncover the truth...

This TV series is a story revolving around the lives of prosecutors who work hard to uphold justice. It will show the humanism of prosecutors and the people they meet in all walks of life. It will also touch upon their love lives. The story plot will weave together different aspects of society to convey a strong message about what is true justice. Boo Gil-la (actor Kim Min-sung) develops feelings for Baek Shi-hang (actress Wang Hee-jee) who is a hard-working prosecutor... Wang Hee Ji will be in the role of a public prosecutor who meets and falls in love with another prosecutor who is 12 years younger then her.

Baek Shi-hyang / actress Wang Hee-jee

Seoul District Prosecutor- She's a woman prosecutor who is highly regarded by her peers as one of the best district prosecutors. She is the pride of her family. Since she was a young child, she stood out among her siblings as being smarter and prettier than them. She was the favorite child in her family. She was a high achiever and passed the bar exam to become a respected prosecutor but she works too hard for her own good.

Boo Gil-la / actor Kim Min-sung

Seoul District Prosecutor- A prosecutor who is analytical and sensible at the same time. He frequently wrangles with Shi-hyang at work. But he finds himself falling in love with Shi-hang when she impresses him with her dedication and commitment to her job.

Opposite Attraction trailer

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