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My Life's Golden Age

My-Lifes-Golden-Age-korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: MBC

Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mygold/index.html

Also known as: The Prime Of My Life / The Golden Period of My Life

Genre : Romance

TV Premiere: 2008-Aug-30 to 2009-Feb-15

Production : Screenwriters: Lee Jung Sun

Director: Jung Se Ho

Main Casts : Moon So Ri as Lee Hwang , Lee So Yeon as Lee Geom , Jin Yi Han as Lee Ki , Shin Sung Rok as Go Kyung Woo , Lee Jong Won.

Running Time per Episode : 30 mins

Total Episodes : 50 Eps

Brief Synopsis
The drama revolves around three siblings, their parents, marriage, and re-marriage. Lee Hwang is a fashion designer with a six-year old daughter.

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