Korean Movie

My Heart Beats

My Heart Beats korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2011/07/28

Genre : Drama

Duration : 105 mins

Director : Huh Eunhee

Cast : Yoo Dong-sook, Won Tae-hee, Kang Seok-ho, Byeon Ji-yeon.

Brief Synopsis :

A poor and lonely English professor, Juri (37), decides to become a porn actor using a mask to hide herself, after she watches an unusual porn. Later, she visits Myung-sook, a porn producer, despite their separation of 10 years. Juri endures rigorous military-style training in addition to extreme dieting to be casted in porn. Finally, she stars along with an attractive young porn star, Byul (23), whose goal is to become a professor. He sports a flawless body with the exception of a deep scar across his chest. However on the set, Juri keeps pushing Byul away, and nobody knows her secret.

Juri's story is about a middle-aged woman who seeks a real heart to fulfill her life in the very brutal world of adult entertainment. It is a comic, erotic and somehow sad story of our dreams.

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My Heart Beats Movie Trailer

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