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A Million blosom of Roses

A Million blosom of Roses korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://rose.kbs.co.kr/

TV Premiere: Oct. 6, 2003

Production : screenwriter- Choi Hyun Kyung

Producer: Moon Bo Hyun , Park Man Young

Main Casts : * Son Tae Young as Park Hye-ran * Lee Chang Hoon as Kang Min-jae * Kim Seung Soo as Oh Hyun-kyu * Yoon Hae Young as Suh Yu-jin * Yoon Yeo Jung

Running Time per Episode : 35 mins

Total Episodes : 173 eps

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Brief Synopsis

Hyeon-gyu and Min-jae have different surnames through their parents remarriage. Hyeon-gyu purposely makes a romantic overture to Hye-ran with whom Min-jae is interested. Hyeon-gyu, who was hurt by her father remarrying Min-jae's mother wanted to revenge on Min-jae. Hye-ran and Min-gyu discovers Hyeon-gyu's intention and deservedly feel humiliated and indignant. Poetic justice is served. Although Hyeon-gyu had approached Hye-ran with an ulterior motive, he finds himself truly in love with her. The storyline reveals that there is a possibility for creating a happy family for everyone, regardless of a diverse and somewhat undesirable mix of families ranging remarriage to single mother and her acquired husband to a single-parent household, a testament that there is no such thing as ideal conditions for marriage and family.

Source http://contents.kbs.co.kr

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