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Love is All Around

love is all around

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: MBC

Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/love/

TV Premiere: 2004.06.12

Production : screenwriter- Park, Ji-Hyen

Director: Lee, Joo-Hwan

Main Casts : Jang Na-Ra, Yeon Jung-Hoon

Running Time per Episode : 50 mins

Total Episodes : 27 eps

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Brief Synopsis

When it comes to love, neither time nor love seems to matter.

Through love, we learn to live life, understand others and know the importance of families. In "Love is All Around", love is shown by two generations of two families. What is a family? "Love is All Around" will show you that love is in fact always all around you in the name of the "family".

Everyone has first love and this love doesn't always have a happy ending. Even to Bo-Ra comes this first love and an unbearable crisis as well. The guy she loves with all of her heart turns out to be the son of her mother's boyfriend. She didn't know the end of her love would come so soon. Neither did she express her love as much as she could. She never knew that if you lose that opportunity and that moment, love just melts away like ice cream.


Jin, Bo-Ra (Acted by Jang, Na-Ra)

She takes exactly after her mom in every taste and character except for her stubbornness, which she got from her father. That's why though extra very close to her mom, when she gets in a fight with her mom, it becomes more than just huge. But she's also a big girl with the biggest heart enough to go and comfort her mom who's working her night away. One day, she discovers a fan letter on her mom's desk and suggests that her mom remarry. And this is of course when she was not aware of the identity of this fan. She's smart and cool. She's dating Ha-Neul but intends to hide it until she graduates from high school. She keeps telling herself that she won't be a fool like her mom but she's also putting her every hope on her first love, Ha-Neul.

Yeon, Ha-Neul (Acted by Yeon, Jung-Hoon)

He could be a top star. He has hundreds of fans in his school who just go crazy for him. He's tall and handsome. He's also excellent in every sport from basketball up to swimming. Recently he has started fencing lessons as well. He is secretly dating Bo-Ra and eagerly looking forward to welcoming Bo-Ra into university. Even to this Mr. Wonderful lies a dark painful past and it was when his mother and his little sister died by a car accident when he was young. He still secretly keeps the blood-stained doll which had belonged to his sister. Since then, he has poured all his love for just one, Bo-Ra and pledged himself that he'd do anything for her whatever happens. But now he learns that his beloved Bo-Ra is to be his stepsister. This is much more than he can ever bear. Will he be able to accept this harsh reality?

Kim, Ok-Soon (Acted by Kim, Mi-Sook)

She had the first kiss with Young-Hwan (now her ex-husband) and married him. Just like in her comics, she thought the first kiss meant love that would last forever. But she was deadly wrong. Her life with him resulted in heavy debt and bruises on her face from his frequent beating. In the end, she shouldered her husband's debt as well as his brother's and got a divorce. She is a good lady of a gentle character who doesn't even know how to lie or deceive anybody. Because she doesn't draw her boy-meets-girl comics with pretty touches, she didn't used to have much of a fan. But now entering in her forties after releasing numbers of books, she also starts getting regular fans and the first one that comes along is Yeon, Sung-Hoon.

Yeon, Sung-Hoon (Acted by Kang, Seok-Woo)

He's a top executive in a Korea's number-one cosmetics company. From toes to head, he's in Gucci's, Ferragamo's and Hermes' but in real life, he's also just an ordinary salary man. People only judge him by his looks and he hates this more than anything else. He hates the fact that people only see him as a brainless rich man in luxurious goods. It definitely felt different however when he met Ok-Soon. In fact, he felt really good when he got to know her. She was exactly as he expected her to be - pure and innocent with the kindest heart. He has been leading a lonely life alone for a long time ever since his wife died. Maybe it's time for him to experience the "love" once again.

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