Korean Drama

Little Woman

little woman korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

TV Premiere: 2004.04.24

Production : screenwriter-

Director: Ko Heung-sik, Kim Hyeong-sik

Main Casts : Park Ye-jin, Park Eun-hye, You Sun, Lee Yoon-mi

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 57 eps

Brief Synopsis

Love and passion of four sisters Cast : Park Ye Jin, Yu Sun, Park Eun Hye, Kim Ho Jin Hyedeuk (Park Ye Jin) The eldest daughter. She learns that love is something that needs to be expressed by sharing her pain and opening up through her failure to enter med-school, self-sacrificing marriage, divorce and getting back, starting over as a chemist instead of a doctor and her effort to reconstruct the family. Mideuk (Yu Sun) The second daughter. She has so much rage and anger inside her toward the world that didn’t make sense to her. She drops out of high school but laterbecomes a law student. She becomes a murder suspect for the violence she couldn’t avoid in order to protect her family.

Hyundeuk (Park Eun Hae) The third daughter. She is sympathetic and compassionate. She grew up to be a quiet and passive person under her strict father and tough sisters but she becomes more assertive and confident while she fights for her love. Indeuk (Lee Yoon Mi) The youngest. She’s a cute, out going rapper despite her sorrowful secret of her birth. Her father had her out of wedlock while he was on a quest to get a son. Sunwoo (Kim Ho Jin). He’s a poor working student. He falls in love with Haedeuk who was a high school student at the time. He has to hold his silence for his uncertain future at first and for his friendship later as she becomes his friend’s woman.

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