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Release date in South Korea : 1997/03/15

Genre : Romantic comedy

Duration : 98min

Director : Lee Kwang-hoon

Cast : Kim Hee-seon, Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jin-wu, Kim Si-won, Park So-hyun, Kim Yeong-jun.

Brief Synopsis :

A male zoo veterinarian and a female photographer meet and decide to team up to exact revenge on their ex-lovers. During the process, they gradually realize that there's something more between them besides their lust for vengeance!

Min-kyu is an animal-loving veterinarian. He is a warm-hearted and cheerful fellow. However, the animals in his care have many problems and diseases. This causes trouble with his girlfriend, Hwa-young. Hwayoung gets really frustrated by the constant irregularities of his life and starts dating other men. Eunhye is a photographer who is both cheerful and proud. She's been going out with a libertarian artist, Jin-woo for quite a long time. But Jin-woo starts to date the museum curator Hwa-young and Eunhye becomes so angry that she decides to contact Hwa-young's ex-boy-friend, Min-kyu. She suggests revenge to Min-kyu. However, Min-kyu and Eun-hye begin to feel more interested in each other than in the process of revenge.

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