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The Day After

The Day After korean movie

Official website : http://www.kafafilms.ac/works/thedayafter.jsp

Release date in South Korea : 2009/03/12

Genre : Drama

Duration : 87min

Director : Lee Suk-gyung

Cast : Kim Bo-yeong, Ji Jeong-nam, Kwon Ye-rim, Lee Chan-yeong, Park Hyeok-kwon

Brief Synopsis :

Bo-young's day starts out disturbingly with a fight with the delivery man in the alley. It is followed by a call from the publishing office worrying her the deadline, a parking ticket, and news from her ex-husband that he is getting remarried. It seems no one can understand her, not even family and friends and she feels lonely. Another mundane day continues on when Bo-young is asked to give a lecture to insurance salespeople out of town so she leaves her daughter Ye-lim at her mother's house and departs. That night, Jeongnam, one of the salespeople enters Bo-young's room and the two women end up sharing the room. Jeong-nam spills the story of her playboy husband and the wounds she got from everyday life to Bo-young who is a perfect stranger. Hearing Jeong-nam's words, Bo-young feels as though her own wounds are healing, the wounds she kept to her self deep inside. The night goes on like that

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