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Missing korean movie

Official website : http://missing2009.co.kr/

Release date in South Korea : 2009/03/19

Genre : Thriller

Duration : 98min

Director : Kim Seong-hong

Cast : Moon Seong-geun, Choo Ja-hyeon, Jeon Se-hong, Oh Seong-soo, Nam Moon-cheol

Brief Synopsis :

A horror thriller based on a real life story "Missing" stars a new star, Jeon Se-hong.

The main character in this movie is kidnapped by a 60-year-old man from the countryside. The actress has been a 2003 World Miss University Special Award winner. Basically the storyline of this movie is that a girl comes to a small countryside town in a coincidence and meets a 60-year-old man at a restaurant. She is kidnapped and bondaged in fear and horror. This serial killing and kidnapping actually happened in the summer of 2007.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

Movie Trailer

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