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Members of the Funeral

Members of the Funeral korean movie

Official website : http://www.kafafilms.ac/works/funeral.jsp

Release date in South Korea : 2009/03/12

Genre : Drama

Duration : 99min

Director : Baek Seung-bin

Cast : Lee Joo-seung, Yoo Ha-bok, Park Myeong-sin, Kim Byeol, Kim Won-sik

Brief Synopsis :

Seventeen-year-old Hee-joon is dead and a group of people are gathered at the funeral. By the way they refer to one another they are members of a family composed of father, mother, and daughter. They are also the leading characters in the novel that Hee-joon wrote before he died, and they have no idea what relationship one another had with the boy. Jun-gi, a middle aged trainer for a college basketball team, carries a dark secret and has queer relationships with his students. Jung-hee, a bizarre high school literature teacher who assigns her students to write their own will, dreams of becoming a mystery novelist like Agatha Christie. Ami, a high school student and an undertaker of five years, becomes Hee-joon's friend after she sees the razor blade scars on his wrist. As Hee-joon spends time with each of the three family members, he completes his novel "Members of the Funeral", and gives it as a gift to each of them before he

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