Korean Movie

Turtle Run

Running Turtle korean movie

Official website : http://www.run2009.co.kr/

Also known as Running Turtle

Release date in South Korea : 2009/06/11

Genre : Action

Duration : 117min

Director : Lee Yeon-woo

Cast : Kim Yoon-seok, Jeong Kyeong-ho, Seon Woo-seon, Kyeon Miri, Sin Jeong-geun.

Brief Synopsis :

Phil-sung is a lazy countryside detective. He is suspended from office due to his mistakes during examination process. Ki-tae is a legendary prison breaker and continues his merciless killing rampage. Phil-sung accidentally runs into Ki-tae but he is much too slow to catch the killer. He’s fired due to this error and now he makes it his personal mission to bring in Ki-tae at all costs.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

Movie Trailer

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