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Triangle korean movie

Official website : http://cafe.naver.com/telecine7

Release date in South Korea : 2009/11/19

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 92min

Director : Ji Yeong-soo

Cast : Ahn Jae-wook, Kang Hye-jeong, Lee Soo-kyeong, Kang Shin-il, Lee Dae-yeon, Lee Sung-min.

Brief Synopsis :

"Triangle" is a co-production between South Korea and Japan Sang-woo (Ahn Jae-wook), a charming con artist, approaches a wealthy and attractive widow in order to secure a 2 billion-won artwork in her possession. But a strange woman, Seong-hae (Kang Hye-jeong), keeps getting in his way and blackmails him to let her in on the con project.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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