Korean Movie

Missing Person

Missing Person korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2009/12/17

Genre : Mystery-Thriller

Duration : 95min

Director : Lee Seo

Cast : Choi Myeong-su, Kim Gyoo-nam, Kim Gi-yeon-I, Ahn Jang-hoon, Jang Nam-yeol, Song Won-yong.

Brief Synopsis :

A real estate agent, Won-young is a worldling, he could get everything he wants by his money. He is a pervert, the way he releases the stress is having sex with his mistress and hitting Gyunam who is abandoned by society. But for Gyu-nam, Won-young is the only person who cares about him even if he is beaten all the time. Gyu-nam professes himself to be a faithful dog to Won-young. By the time Won-young decides to be nice to Gyu-nam, he couldnÂ’t. He already went too far.

Meanwhile, dogs started disappearing in this community and then people are disappearing. How are Won-young and Gyu-nam fit into the incidents that took place in this community?

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