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A Dream Comes True

A Dream Comes True korean movie

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Release date in South Korea : 2009/12/10

Genre : Drama

Duration : 103min

Director : Jang Yong-woo

Cast : Cha In-pyo, Kim Hyo-jin, Chae Geon, Hong Choong-min, Kim Cheol-gi, Son Byeong-wook.

Brief Synopsis :

Sang-hyeon (In-Pyo Cha) is a third-rate comedian who works in a shady nightclub. One day, a man comes into the club with his son and a briefcase. The man looks for the owner but he's not around. Later that evening Sang-hyeon witnesses a car accident involving the man that came into the nightclub. The man is dying and he asks Sang-hyeon to take his son and briefcase to his wife.

Sang-hyeon goes to the deceased man's family with the son and briefcase. The family asks Sang-hyeon to take the son Jae-yeong to his mother in Donghae, South Korea. Sang-hyeon is a gambling addict and because of this is in heavy debt. The family offers to pay Sang-hyeon a large amount of money if he would take the son. Sang-hyeon already dreams of stopping at a casino in nearby Jeongseon after delivering the boy.

When Sang-hyeon arrives at the address given him to by Jae-yeong's family, the mother is nowhere to be found. Making matters worse, loan sharks that Sang-hyeon owes money to arrive and takes the money given to Sang-hyeon by Jae-yeong's family. Sang-hyeon is now broke and Jae-yeong believes that his mother has abandoned him. They then come across Ha-na (Hyo-jin Kim), a drifter who works as a cheap dancer. The three of them continue their journey to find Jae-yeong's mother.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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