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WRITTEN korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2008/12/26

Genre : Thriller

Duration : 87min

Director : Kim Byeong-woo

Cast : Lee Jin-seok-I, Kim Bo-yeong, Lee Sang-hyeok, Park Jin-soo

Brief Synopsis :

'A' wakes up in a tub, and realizes one of his kidneys stolen. While he is trying to find his missing organ, he meets a writer and learns that he is a just a character of an unfinished film and he will meet an actor who will play A in the film. And a director of this film tries to put A on top of the film in order to take complete control. In the meantime, staffs working on this film also realize the fact that this script is unfinished and start searching the writer's house for the ending. A, too, busies himself to resolve the issue even though he is an incomplete being from a story. For the ending for the story, the characters, writer and director are beautifully overlapped. This film makes the broken boundary between the reality and the fiction ambiguous and asks a question of the characters.

Director's note

While watching the film, like we recognize as if the film were real, the characters will be recognized as they were real. The characters are not the writer's creatures but organisms and are autonomous in the story. Therefore, the earnest feeling of the characters is same as ours. I ask the characters a question. "Do you want to be written in the story or to write the story?"


14th Lyon Asian Film Festival (2008, France)
19th Stockholm International Film Festival (2008, Sweden)
32nd São Paulo International Film Festival (2008, Brazil)
2nd Annual Middle East International Film Festival (2008, the United Arab Emirates)
5th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (2008, HongKong)
NETPAC Award, 43rd Karlovy Int'l Film Festival (2008, Czech Republic)
12th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2007, Korea)

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