Korean Movie

Viva! Love


Release date in South Korea : Apr 09, 2008

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 100 mins

Director : Oh Jum Gyoon

Cast : Kim Hae-sook, Kim Yeong-min, Kim Hye-na, Ki Joo-bong, Bang Eun-hee

Brief Synopsis :

A woman runs a lodging house lives with her good-for-nothing husband, and unemployed daughter, Jeong-yoon. Jeong-yoon is in a relationship with Gu-sang, a tenant who runs a neighborhood Laundromat. When Jeong-yoon lands a job, she runs away, abandoning Gu-sang who is crushed. Jeong-yoon's mother encounters the heartbroken Gu-sang, consoling himself with alcohol, and taking pity on him, she takes him home. One thing leads to another, and the two make love. The landlady ends up pregnant with Gu-sang's baby. Even with the neighbors in shock, the landlady holds on to her new love fervently.

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