Korean Movie

One Day on the Road


Official website : http://www.OneDayontheRoad.com

Release date in South Korea : Mar 27, 2008

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 97 mins

Director : Hwang Yoon

Cast : Choi Tae Young, Choi Cheon Kwon, Choi Dong Gi

Brief Synopsis :

Roads criss cross our landscape, making it convenient for human beings to travel. However, countless creatures also die as a result of these roads. This piece documents South Korea' first in-depth study of "road kill." It shows how drivers, who race along these roads, destroy animals natural habitats and kill them in road accidents. Adopting an environmentalist point-of-view, this film questions the economic logic that girds development.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

Movie Trailer

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