Korean Movie

Happy Together


Release date in South Korea : Mar 27, 2008

Genre : Drama

Duration : 101mins

Director : Kim Tae Hee

Cast : Kim Cheong, Jo Yoon-hee, Kim Dong-uk, Jeong Seung Ho

Brief Synopsis :

Happy Together reveals the intimate details about the sex lives of two women representing contrasting generations. Jo Yun Hee (Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War) stars as the young daughter and, in a brilliant casting, her on-screen mother is veteran actress Kim Cheong (Shinsukki Blues) who attempted her very first bed scene in the nearly 27 years of her career. Also, joining the cast is young blood Kim Dong Wook (No Regret) who teams up with Jo in delivering one of the most talked about love scenes in the film. Yu Jin (Jo Yun Hee) just can't get enough of her massive sexual appetite. Frolicking with her current beau Byeong Seok (Kim Dong Wook) every chance she gets, Yu Jin is all smiles these days.

On the contrary, her mother has been divorced for almost a year and has probably not been as lucky as her. One night, while sleeping on the same bed with her mother, Yu Jin starts masturbating. Suddenly her mother gets up from the bed and hurries to the bathroom. As Yu Jin sighs quietly feeling sorry for her sexually deprived mother, a perfect solution pops into her mind, and the following day, she buys a dildo for her mother. A toy substitute? How dare she?

But Jung Im (Kim Cheong) is more than touched by her daughter's whimsical gesture, though it looks like her sexual drought is about to end after running into her first love of 20 years. But now bad luck seems to fall on Yu Jin as her boyfriend wants to break up with her after bumping into Jung Im and her new beau. Just what is the real reason behind the sudden breakup?

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