Korean Movie

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2007/06/14

Genre : Drama

Duration : 94min

Director : Kim Hee-jung

Cast : Lee Se-yeong, Choo Sang-mi, Choi Myeong-su, Kim Yoon-ah.

Brief Synopsis :

13-year-old Soo-ah lives with her mother. After her father passed away a few years ago, her mother runs a diner to support their living, and she's always too busy to have much time taking care of the adolescent daughter. Soo-ah does not approve the robust mother’s hard living, because she thinks a popular singer is her real mother. Soo-ah loves to daydream about the real mother, watching the Pop singer's music videos. One day, Soo-ah decides to leave her home and go to Seoul for the Pop singer's concert. So she gets on the train, and meets a friend, and the two of them land in Seoul. But Soo-ah has no money to buy the concert ticket, so they wait at the back door until the show ends. Now Soo-ah hesitantly approaches the star, but...

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