Korean Movie

Driving With My Wife's Lover

Driving With My Wife's Lover korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2007/04/26

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 92min

Director : Kim Tae-sik

Cast : Park Kwang-jeong, Jeong Bo-seok, Jo Eun-ji, Lee Kyeong-ee, Ko Eun-ki.

Brief Synopsis :

Tae-han runs a stamp shop in a small town, spending his tedious time engraving seals. One day he learns that his wife is having an affair and he decides to witness his wife's infidelity with his own eyes. Knowing that his wife's lover Joong-sik is a taxi-driver, he goes to Seoul, intentionally gets in Joong-sik's cab and asks for a long-distance drive. They encounter various situations as they travel along the highway, sometimes fighting, sometimes sharing excitement. Slowly Tae-han suspects that his wife and Joong-sik might be really in love.

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