Korean Movie

The City of Violence

The City of Violence korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2006/05/25

Genre : Action

Duration : 92min

Director : Ryoo Seung-wan

Cast : Ryoo Seung-wan, Jeong Doo-hong, Lee Beom-soo, Jeong Seok-yong, Ahn Kil-kang.

Brief Synopsis :

Tae-su, a detective fighting organized crime, returns to his hometown for his high school friend Wang-jae's funeral. At the funeral, he meets his old friends Pil-ho, Dong-hwan and Seok-hwan and they reminisce. Suspecting something fishy about Wang-jae's death, Tae-su and Seok-hwan start investigating it each in his own way. Both of their investigations lead to a land development project that Pil-ho is directing and the two embark on a difficult battle...

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