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Voice Letter korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2005/07/15

Genre : Fear

Duration : 104min

Director : Choi Ik-hwan

Cast : Kim Ok-bin,Seo Ji-hye,Cha Ye-ryeon,Kim Seo-hyeong,Im Hyeon-kyeong,Jeon Ji-ae.

Brief Synopsis :

Young-eon (Kim Ok-bin), the top singer at an all girls school, is murdered by a music sheet cutting her throat in the opening scene. The day following her death nobody can see or hear her except her friend Seon-min (Seo Ji-hye). After Young-eon convinces Seon-min that it is her voice that can be heard the two attempt to find out what happened to Young-eon.

The mystery behind her death is slowly unraveled as Young-eon has more and more flash backs to her life before her death. Seon-Min befriends a lonely and strange girl at school named Choh-Ah, and she helps the two solve the incident, however, Seon-Min begins to have trouble believing what Young-eon says after Choh-Ah tells her that ghosts only remember what they want to, revealing that Young-Eon's memory may be incorrect. There seems to be another ghost that is haunting the school, one that the two friends suspect, must be Young-eon's murderer. Later, Young-eon's body is found in the elevator, the same elevator that a previous student died in. Young-eon is running out of time to discover her killer, if her friend forgets about her then she will lose her voice.

Some of the flashbacks include her mother, who is shown to be in a hospital. In one flashback, she talks to her mother about how as soon as she is old enough she will learn to drive. Another features how her mother committed suicide by jumping off the top of the hospital. In the end it is revealed that Young-eon had driven her mother to kill herself. Young-eon kills Choh-ah and takes over Seon-min's body. The last scene is of Young-eon in Seon-min's body, walking alongside Seon-min's mother, talking of how as soon as she is old enough she will learn to drive

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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