Korean Movie

Who's Got the Tape?

Who's Got the Tape korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2004/03/12

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 110min

Director : Jo Jin-kyoo

Cast : Yoo Dong-geun, Lee Seong-jin, Lee Moon-sik, Choi Ryeong, Jo Mi-ryeong, Kim Moo-saeng.

Brief Synopsis :

Two suspicious men become arm in arm in the confusion of the moment. A road trip of a not-so-bright detective and a tone-deaf rocker. KIM Tae-sik characterizes himself as charismatic, intelligent, decisive, and sensible. Others consider him nothing but a bum. Now, he meerts a new client. The CEO of a conglomerate puts him on a mission to retrieve a videotape containing scenes from his dirty love life, promising him a fortune. Dong-moo is a tone-deaf rocker who loves music and his freedom. His brother is a District Attorney with a Seoul Prosecutors Office. One day, a thug-like detective shows up and asks him for a videotape.

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