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Release date in South Korea : 2004/10/22

Genre : Action,Mystery,Thriller

Duration : 119min

Director : Jang Yoon-hyeon

Cast : Ko Soo, Song Ji-hyo, Kang Seong-jin, Lee Dong-gyoo, Jo Kyeong-hoon, Kang Shin-il.

Brief Synopsis :

Seo Yu-jin (Song Ji-hyo) is a young traffic news reporter for the local radio station who has just moved into a new apartment she acquired from an online friend, known as Khan. The personable, bubbly girl not only has a sixth sense for doing her job, she also has telling dreams. In fact, on this particular day she wakens with a serious feeling of dejavu. Shrugging it off, she finishes unpacking in her new place, interrupted by one of Khan's buddies at her door. He gives her an MP3 player for Khan, insisting she make sure he gets it.

Yu-jin is digusted by his piercings and demeanor, but unbeknownst to her this radical young man is nicknamed Dark Horseman on the streets, and he is a wanted punk. High on drugs, Dark Horseman and two lady friends speed down a busy late-night highway, and in pursuit is young police detective Kang Seong-joo (Ko Soo in his first theatrical role) on the case of these young thugs. His SUV is unable to overcome the other's sports car - until Dark Horseman plows into a truck and flips the vehicle, killing himself and one of the passengers. Unable to save them, Kang is distraught over the deaths and the lost evidence. He does come away with Dark Horseman's cell phone, which he uses to pry some more names out of the street gang.

At the same time, the street gang is feeling the pressure from the local organized mafia, who use cocaine overdoses to try and befuddle the kids into telling them where a certain shipment is - the cops, mafia and punks are all connected to a missing 10 billion won worth of drugs and everyone is feeling the shake down. Especially when there is a rumor of a suspicious photo showing the identity of the police leak on the loose. With Kang's department head accused, he is desperate to solve the case even if it means entreating the punks on their level.

The punks are unable to give up the whereabouts of their leader, Khan, but they do lead the mafia to the tenant of his old apartment: Yu-jin, who is saved from being kidnapped by Detective Kang. With a new witness, Kang is adament upon keeping her safe. Yu-jin, however, feels a different connection to Kang. She feels as if they've met before, and as the next 24 hours progress, Yu-jin finds she already has memories of this day, like she's lived it before. And it may be the last day either of them lives.

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