Korean Movie

None of Your Cheek

None of Your Cheek korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2004/12/03

Genre : Action, Comedy

Duration : 100min

Director : Oh Ji-myeong

Cast : Choi Bool-am, Oh Ji-myeong, Noh Joo-hyeon, Im Yoo-jin, Kim Jeong-hoon, Jeong Ho-bin.

Brief Synopsis :

Famous for his offbeat character in SBS's popular sitcom Soonpoong Clinic, veteran actor Oh Ji Myung makes his directorial debut with the black comedy Shit Up! (a.k.a. Non of Your Cheek !) about three aging gangsters seeking revenge on another gangster responsible for putting them in jail fifteen years ago. An unexpected turn of events puts them in the awkward situation of working as bodyguards for their enemy's young aspiring singer daughter and her boyfriend. Oh co-stars with two other seasoned television comics, Choi Bul Am (She's On Duty) and Noh Joo Hyun (Unhindered Highkick), along with Im Yoo Jin (Haan), Lee Jin Sung (He Was Cool), and Kim Jung Hoon (Palace). Offering a delectable cinematic experience through slapstick comedy, witty dialogue, and impressive wire-action, this hilarious crime adventure also touches on sentimental themes such as family values and the never-ending strife between older and younger generations.

Set in the late 80s during the height of Korea's economic crisis, three leading gangsters of the Jong No division - straight-shooter Byuk Dol (Choi Bul Am), quick-tempered Gae Dduk (Noh Joo Hyun), and street-smart Sam Bok (Oh Ji Myung) - are roaming the streets of Seoul after spending the last fifteen years locked up in jail. Their sole mission is to find and seek revenge on Dong Pal, the very man responsible of robbing them of their precious freedom. But when they find Dong Pal, they end up taking on a reluctant job as bodyguards for Dong Pal's daughter Eun Ji (Im Yoo Jin) and her boyfriend Myung Suk (Kim Jung Hoon).

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