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My Generation

My generation korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2004/12/03

Genre : Drama

Duration : 85min

Director : Noh Dong-seok

Cast : Kim Byeong-seok, Yoo Jae-kyeong, Ahn Seul-gi, Choi Doo-yeong.

Brief Synopsis :

Many, who have made digital films, said that the key word for digital filmmaking is liberation: liberation from heavy equipments, liberation from the long hours of setting the lights, liberation from the old system and method, and, above all, liberation from the conventional film language. Of course, this liberation was possible or became possible due to the liberation of capital. It is an irony that less capital gives more freedom.

Perhaps director Noh Dong-seok felt liberated in making his DV-ed debut film My Generation, a black/white number with brief eruptions of color, but his characters are anything but free. Their lesser capital constrains them. As a result, they seem to simply float through their world despondent and anxious about how they will cover their debts rather than realizing any sense of agency.

Kim Byoung-seok and You Jae-kyoung (both played eponymously) are a couple. Noh chooses to present their intimacy as a casual one, occasionally playful, occasionally pathetic. The playfulness arises in little scenes such as Byoung-seok jokingly bumping Jae-kyoung along the hallway on route to a room of a love motel where some very different kinds of bumping will be going on. Or my favorite scene where Jae-kyoung waits in Byoung-seok's car. When he knocks on her window, he crouches and does a strange 360-degree turn, as if he's a mechanical toy or an amusement park ride. His mechanical-ness is enhanced by the sound of Jae-kyoung's drawing down of the car window. Jae-kyoung greets Byoung-seok by lunging towards him with a little-dog-like bark-bite, reminiscent of the reverse anthropomorphism we witnessed in Noh's short "Doggy." It's a simply strange, but wonderfully endearing, scene. Although the film doesn't survive as a completely satisfying whole, it's through little pieces like this that I am permitted pleasant memories of my My Generation viewing experience.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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