Korean Movie

Mokpo, Gangster's Paradise

Mokpo Gangsters Paradise korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2004/02/20

Genre : Comedy, Crime

Duration : 110min

Director : Kim Ji-hoon

Cast : Jo Jae-hyeon, Cha In-pyo, Song Seon-mi, Son Byeong-ho, Park Cheol-min, Kim II-woo I

Brief Synopsis :

Mokpo stars Jay-hyeon Jo as Soo-cheol, a bumbling cop who gets beaten up on a regular basis. But because he's a lot smarter than all the other cops combined (not a hard thing to be, considering the intelligence of cops in these movies) Soo-cheol's incompetence is put up with. When prosecutor Im Ja-kyung (Seon-mi Song) arrives in Seoul with a plan to break up the Mokpo gangs, she somehow ends up with Soo-cheol as a volunteer for an undercover assignment.

In Mokpo, Soo-cheol encounters obstacles, mostly because he's an idiot playing a gangster, and this doesn't convince anyone, namely head hood Baek Sung-ki (In-Pyo Cha). But as dictated by the script, Soo-cheol eventually manages to worm himself into Sung-ki's confidence. Soon Soo-cheol is living the high life and risks forgetting that he's an undercover cop. Meanwhile, cinema aficionado Sung-ki is thinking of retiring, which doesn't sit well with his underlings.

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