Korean Movie


DMZ korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2004/11/26

Genre : War

Duration : 100min

Director : Lee Kyoo-hyeong

Cast : Kim Jeong-hoon, Park Geon-hyeong, Jeong Eun-pyo, Hong Il-kwon, Lee Jae-eun, Koo Joon-yeob

Brief Synopsis :

In winter of 1978, Ji-hoon undergoes the severe military drill. After training, he is sent to the combat unit. He successfully adjusts to the military environment representing double-quick, beating and row and column, etc. Sergeant, MOON allocates him to the Troop Information Education Section of Regiment because he majored in the department of film in university. He is in charge of film for each platoon. Here, he meets Min-gee who is peculiar. Min-gee takes him to a coffee shop, which is named after Deer Hunter, one of Ji-hoon's favorite movies. In there, Min-gee introduces Yoon-yi to Ji-hoon. Later, Ji-hoon is selected to join the infiltration tunnel search operations together with Min-gee. During the operations, something unexpected happens.

There is a beautiful coconut tree in front of the watch house, delicious food in gorgeous tableware, and sentimental atmosphere where Min-gee is playing the guitar. Everything gives Ji-hoon joyful surprise. That's why this place is called Hotel Coconut. And Ji-hoon spends his military life with another friend, Hae-ryong, who is selfish.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

Movie Trailer

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