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A Family

A family korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2004/09/03

Genre : Drama

Duration : 94min

Director : Lee Jeong-cheol

Cast : Soo-ae, Joo Hyeon, Park Ji-bin, Park Hee-soon, Eom Tae-woong, Jeong Wook.

Brief Synopsis :

A pickpocket Jeong-eun comes back home after being in prison for 2 years. Her family consists of her father, Joo-suk, who lost one of his eyesight and 8-year-old brother. Joo-suk loves his daughter but he is very reluctant to show it. Joo-suk is worried about Jeong-eun being close with the local gangster - Chang-won and makes a deal with him that ends in tragedy?

The beginning of so many trials, FAMILY? They are the people who are always closest to you? The basic human relationship you cannot ignore. The movie FAMILY is about troubled relationships, the conflicts between family members, the kinds of problems that everyone can relate to. Above all, however, it is the story of people - not of preachy messages or ordinary cliches, but the simple, raw and deep honesty of families in these modern times.

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