Korean Movie

Oh! Happy Day

Oh Happy Day korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2003/04/18

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 96min

Director : Yoon Hak-yeol

Cast : Jang Nara, Park Jeong-cheol, Jang Hang-seon, Kim Hae-sook, Kwon Seong-deok, Jeong Da-hye.

Brief Synopsis :

KONG Hee-jee heads to Club Med's office to complain on behalf of her friend who's been rejected to join the Cherating single party. She's about to go off on them right until prince charm shows up. Club Med's Director, KIM Hyun-jun. She immediately falls in love.

How should I cook him? Hyun-jun suddenly falls victim to Hee-jee's Project Super Glue. Hee-jee successfully gets a hold of Hyun-jun's diary. Having gained full access to Hyun-jun's schedules, Hee-jee sticks to Hyun-jun wherever he goes. Hyun-jun goes through a difficult time dealing with Hee-jee's uncalled-for actions.

Stalker Queen of 2003 Strangely, Hyun-jun begins to feel something for the annoying Hee-jee. Nonetheless, Hyun-jun soon discovers Hee-jee's intent whereby Hyun-jun's girlfriend appears. Hee-jee just cannot end things unless she calls out 'Oh! Happy Day'.

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