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My Wife Is a Gangster

My Wife Is a Gangster 2 korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2003/09/05

Genre : Action-Comedy

Duration : 110min

Director : Choi Hae-cheol

Cast : Sin Eun-kyeong, Park Joon-gyoo, Jang Se-jin, Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong, Joo Hyeon, Jo Mi-ryeong.

Brief Synopsis :

My Wife is a Gangster 2: The Return Fable (Jopog Manura 2: Dolaon Jeonseol ) is a 2003 South Korean film. It is the sequel to My Wife is a Gangster. It features Zhang Ziyi in a small cameo. She appears in a short fight scene at the end of the film.

Due to a lucky break, the fall doesn't kill her, but it does cause her to suffer amnesia. Luckily for Eun-Jin, she's found by Yoon Jae-Choi (Park Joon-Gyu), the kindly owner of a small-scale Chinese restaurant. She worked as a delivery girl under the name of Tsu Tsu.

Once, in a feud with Ji-hyun, Tsu Tsu fell from the roof and recovered her past memories with White Shark, who had recruited Jun Man to kill her. Jun Man became impotent when Jae-choi's motorbike accidentally hit him in the groin. Ji-hyun was later kidnapped and was being rescued by Eun-jin, but Jae-choi was stabbed in the stomach and killed. Eun-jin was saved by the 132-members of the scissors gang. Ji-hyun later joined Eun-jin's gang to fight against some Chinese illegal drug dealers.

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