Korean Movie

Love of South and North

Love of South and North korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2003/08/29

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 107min

Director : Jeong Cho-sin

Cast : Jo In-Seong, Kim Sa-rang, Heo Yeong-ran, Kong Hyeong-jin, Kim Yong-geon, Jeong Ji-soon

Brief Synopsis :

Chul Soo (Cho In Sung, A Dirty Carnival), the son of an intelligence officer, doesn't take anything seriously. He's only interested in girls and flirting and can't be bothered with schoolwork. His professor sets an ultimatum, threatening to not let him graduate unless he joins a pan-Korean historical excavation unit in Yeon-byun. On the other side of the parallel, Young Hee (Kim Sa Rang, Hot For Teacher), the smart and beautiful daughter of a North Korean diplomat, is faced with her father 's threat to marry her off. Therefore, she opts to join the excavation team as well. When Chul Soo catches sight of Young Hee, he is determined to ask for her hand immediately, but can their love cross the North-South divide? Find out in this romantic comedy from Wet Dreams director Jung Cho Shin.

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