Korean Movie

Oollala Sisters

Oollala Sisters korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2002/04/26

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 110min

Director : Je-hyeon Park

Cast : Lee Mi-sook, Kim Won-hee, Kim Min, Kim Bo-seong, Park In-hwan, Jeon Seong-ho.

Brief Synopsis :

Two nightclubs, Lala and Nemo, situated directly across from each other, are historic business and inter-family foes, the Lala Club passed down from her father to Eun-Ja (Lee Mi-suk), who is so mired in debt due to waning business receipts that she is faced with imminent loss of the club, and annoyingly to the owner-operator of Club Nemo, Kim Geo-man (Bo-sung Kim), whose planned takeover of Lala would complete his family's triumph over that of Eun-Ja, while she nevertheless harbours a compelling desire to retain her entertainment-based property.

To accomplish her goal, she and three close friends decide to develop their own brand of floor show, in the process becoming a lip synching and dancing quartet, calling themselves the Oollala Sisters and, despite their lack of experience they soon, in predictable fashion, begin to attract larger crowds than can Club Nemo, a circumstance that must lead only into a nightclubbing and family showdown scene.

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