Korean Movie

Wanee and Junah

Wanee and Junah korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2001/11/23

Genre : Melodrama-Romance

Duration : 114min

Director : Kim Yong-gyoon

Cast : Kim Hee-seon, Joo Jin-mo,Jo Seung-woo, Choi Kang-hee.

Brief Synopsis :

Harboring different memories of first love, Wanee and Junah, 26 and 27 respectively, are a man and a woman living together. Wanee has been working for an animation company for over six years, and is now the head of her department due to all the hard work she has put into her job. But, somehow life does not simply come across as a bed of roses. For Junah, who loves her deeply, their life seems calm and peaceful. Working as a scriptwriter, he usually writes his scripts at home and does household chores while she is at work. Their love stays mutual but seems tainted with a hint of loneliness.

Wanee's affection for her step-brother Min had grown through their common interests in cartoons. After Min entered college, however, they realized that their intense feelings for each other turned out to be far more than they ever imagined. Min, struggling against the stern reality of their unattainable love, leaves for Europe. Wanee, upon hearing of her brother's return, agonizes over her memories, driving Junah into a state of dilemma as he sees his loved one in such confusion. Finally, the development of their love in the past and the present with all its trials and tribulations comes alive in some fantastic animation.

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