Korean Movie

My Boss, My Hero

My Boss My Hero korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2001/12/14

Genre : Action-Comedy

Duration : 98min

Director : Yoon Je-kyoon

Cast : Jeong Joon-ho, Jeong Woong-in, Jeong Woon-taek,

Brief Synopsis :

As the boss of a small gang, KYE Du-shik had gotten by on his wits and bare knuckles for the past ten years. That was soon to change. Held back from promotion within the ranks due to his lack of education, Du-shik heads back to school on the order of a superior gang leader. His return is not without its complications. Intimidation dealt out by a high school hoodlum, a mischievous female student posing problems with her powerful parents relenting to her every wish, and a school that is out of control are but a few of the hazards that lay in the path of Du-shik's education.

The road is not so smooth for our hero. Although his classmates are infected by his charismatic personality and charm, will they stand by him when he most needs it? Eventually he sets out to avenge the wrongdoings of a corrupt school system. He may succeed, but will he graduate?

International Film Festivals: 2005 Focus on Asia Fukuoka Int`l Film Festival , Korean and Chinese Film Festa.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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