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Korean dramas may be famous for their catchy storylines and handsome characters, but there is no doubt that heroines also play a big part in terms of popularity and content.

This year's drama lineup boasts various female characters, following last year's femme fatale Mi-shil from "Queen Seon-deok" and secret agent Choi Seung-hee from "IRIS".

Lee Da-hae stars in the new drama "The Slave Hunters" as the captive Eon-nyeun who receives a new name, Kim Hye-won, upon rising in social status to the high-rank of "yangban". Actress Han Go-eun, 34, will journey back in time as the partner of Choi Guk-sun, a member of one of the noblest families in Korea, played by Cha In-pyo, in the drama "The Reputable Family".

Meanwhile, model-turned-actress Bae Doona will appear as a high school English teacher in the new soap "Master of Study" airing every Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55 p.m. Bae, one of the most successful model-turned-actresses in the business, recently won an award for best actress for her role in the Japanese film "Air Doll" at the Japan Academy Awards last year. Meanwhile, fellow actress Kong Hyo-jin returns as an aspiring chef, Seo Yoo-gyeong, in the television series "Pasta".

Last but not least, Han Hye-jin appears in the medical drama "Jejoongwon" on SBS. The actress shot to stardom thanks to the period drama "Jumong' (MBC), but failed to garner fans with more modern works, including her most recent television series "Terroir" (SBS).

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Korean actresses (A - D)
Ahn Sun Young Ahn Yeon Hong Bae Doo Na Bae Jung Ok
Bae Seul Gi Byun Jung Soo Chae Jung Ahn Chae Min Seo
Chae Rim Chae Si Ra Cha Ye Ryun Choi Ja Hye
Choi Jin Shil Choi Ji woo Choi Jung Won Choi Jung Yoon
ChoiSooJong choi kang hee Choi ran Choi Yeo Jin
Choi Yoon Young Choo Sang Mi choo so young Dan Ji
Do Ji Won Eugene

Korean actresses (G - I)
Geum Bo Ra Go Ah Ra go doo shim Go Eun Ah
gong hyo jin Gong Hyun Joo Ha Ji Won han chae young
Han Eun Jung Han Ga In han go eun Han Hye Jin
Han Hyo Joo Han Ji Hye Han Ji Min han yeo woon
Han Ye Seul Heo Yi Jae Heo Young Ran Hong Eun Hee
Hong Ri Na Hong Soo Ah Hong Soo Hyun Hwang Bo Ra
Hwang In Young Hwang Ji Hyun Hwang Jung Eum Hwang Soo Jung
Hyun Young Im Jung Eun im soo jung Im Ye Jin
Im Yoon Ah

Korean actresses (J)
Jang Jin Young Jang Nara Jang Seo Hee Jang Shin Young
Jang Young Nam Jang Young Ran Jo Mi Ryung Jo Yeo Jung
Jo Yoon Hee Jun Do Yeon Jung Ae Ri Jung Da Bin
Jung Hye Sun Jung Hye Young Jung Ryu Won
Jun Hye Bin Jun Ji Hyun

Korean actresses (K)
Kang Eun Bi Kang Hye Jung Kang Jung Hwa Kang Se Jung
Kang Sung Yun Kim Ah Joong Kim Bin Woo Kim Byul
Kim Da In Kim Eun Joo Kim Hae Sook Kim Ha Neul
Kim Hee Ae Kim Hee Sun Kim Hye Ok Kim Hye Soo
Kim Hyo Jin Kim Hyun Joo Kim Ja Ok Kim Ji Ho
Kim Ji Soo Kim Ji Woo Kim Jung Eun Kim Jung Hwa
Kim Kyu Ri Kim Min Hee Kim Min Jung Kim Min Sun
Kim Mi Sook Kim Na Woon Kim Ok Bin Kim Sae Rom
Kim Sa Rang Kim Se Ah Kim_Se_Jung Kim Shin Ah
Kim So Eun Kim song hee Kim Soo Hyun Kim Soo Jung
Kim Soo Mi Kim So Yi Kim So Young Kim so yeon
Kim Suh Hyung Kim sun ah Kim Sung Eun Kim Sung Ryung
Kim Sun Hwa Kim Sun Kyung kim tae hee Kim Tae Yun
Kim Won Hee Kim Yeo Jin Kim Hyun Joo Kim Ye Ryung
Kim Yong Rim Kim Yoo Hyun Kim Yoo Mi Kim Yoon Hee
Kim Yun Jin Kim Yoon Kyung Kim Yoo Ri1977 Kim Yoo Ri
Kim Young Ae Kim Young Ae1951 Kim Young Ok Kim Young Ran
Go hyun jung Koo Hye Sun Ko So Young Kwak Hyun Hwa
Kwak Ji Min Kwon Eun Ah Kwon Jae Hee Kwon Ki Sun
Kwon Min Joong Kwon Yu Ri Kyung In Sun Kyun Mi Ri

Korean actresses (L)

Lee ae jung Lee Ah hyeon Lee Bo Hee Lee Bo Young
Lee Cha Won Lee Chae Young Lee Chung Ah Lee Da Hae
Lee Da In Lee Do Hyun Lee Duk Hee Lee Eon Jeong
Lee Eui Jung Lee Eun Lee Eung Kyung Lee Eun Ji
Lee Eun Joo Lee Eun Song Lee Eun Young Lee Ha Na
Lee Hang Na Lee Ha Nui Lee Hw Hyang Lee Hye Eun
Lee Hye Mi Lee Hye Sook lee_hye_young Lee Hyo Choon
Lee Hyo Ri Lee Hyun Ji Lee Hyun Kyung Lee Il Hwa
Lee In Hye Lee Ip Sae Lee Jae Eun Lee_Ja_Young
Lee Jennie Lee Ji Ah Lee Ji Hyun Lee Ji Hyun1978
Lee jin Lee Jin Ah Lee Ji Soo Lee Jung Hyun
Lee Kan Hee Lee Kyung Hwa Lee Kyung Jin Lee Mae Ri
Lee Mi Kyung Lee Min Jung Lee Min Young Lee Mi Sook
Lee Mi Yeon Lee Mi Young Lee Na Eun Lee Na Young
Lee Sang Yi Lee See Eun Lee Se Na Lee Seol Ah
Lee Seo Yun Lee Seung Ah Lee Seung Min Lee Seung Shin
Lee Seung Yun Lee Se Young Lee Si Young Lee So Jung
Lee Su Kyeong Lee Soo Young Lee So Won Lee So Yeon
Lee Sung Min Lee Sun Jin Lee Tae Im Lee Tae Ran
Lee Yeon Doo  Lee Yeon Soo Lee Ye Rim
Lee Yoo Jin Lee Yoo Jung Lee_Yoon_Ji Lee Yoon Mi
Lee Yu Ri Lee Young Ae Lee Young Ah Lee Young Eun
Lee Young Jin Lee yo won Lim Eun Kyeong Lim Seong Eon

Korean actresses (M - O)
Maya Min Ae Ryung Min Ji Hye Min Ji Young
Min Seo Hyun Min Young Won Moon Chae Won Moon-Geun-Young
Moon Jung Hee Moon So Ri Myung Se Bin Na Hyun Hee
Nam Gyu Ri Nam Ji Hyun Na Moon Hee Nam Sang Mi
Nam Yoon Jung Noh-Hyun-Heeg Oh Hyun Kyung Oh Ji Eun
Oh Ji Hye Oh Ji Young Oh Joo Eun Oh Jung Hae
Oh_Mi_Hee Oh Mi Yeon Oh Se jung Oh Seung Eun
Oh Seung Hyeon Oh Soo Min Oh Yeon Seo Oh Yoon Ah
Oh Young Shil Oh Yun Soo Ok Ji Young On jo

Korean actresses (P - R)
Park Bo Young Park Chae Kyung Park Da An Park Eun Bin
Park Eun Hye Park Gri Na Park Gyu Ri Park Hae Mi
Park Han Byul Park_Ha_Sun Park Hee Bon Park Hee Jin
Park Hye Won Park Hye Young Park Hyo Bin Park Hyo Joo
Park Hyun Sook Park Ji Mi Park Ji Yeon Park Ji Yoon
Park Ji Young Park Joo Mi Park Jung Sook Park Kyung Rim
Park Min Ji Park Min Young Park Mi Sun Park Sang Ah
Hong_Kyung_Min Park_Si_Eun Park Shin Hye Park Si Yeon
Park So Hyun Park Sol Mi Park Soo Jin Park Soon Chun
Park Sun Young Park Tam Hee Park Won Sook Park Ye Jin
Ri Kyung Ryu Shi Hyun

Korean actresses (S - U)
Sa Kang Sa Mi Ja Sandara Park Seo Hye Jin
Seo Hyo Rim Seo Hye Jin Seo Ji Hye Seo Kap Sook
Seo Kwon Soon Seo Seung Ah Seo Woo Seo Yoo Jung
Seo Yeong Seo Yeong Hee Shim Eun Ha Shim Eun Jin
Shim Eun Kyung Shim Hye Jin Shin Ae Shin Ae Ra
Shin Ah Shin Da Eun Shin Eun Gyung Shin Eun Jung
Shin-Ji-Soo Shin Joo Ah Shin Min Ah Shin Se Kyung
Shin Shin Ae Shin So Mi Shin Yi Son Dam Bi
Son Ga Young Song Hee Ah Song Hye Gyo Song Ji Eun
Song Ji Hyo Song_Joo_Yeon Song Min Ji Song Ok Sook
Song Sun Mi Song Yi Woo Song Yoon Ah Son Hwa Ryung
Son Jung Min Son Sung Yoon Son Tae Young Son Ye Jin
Son Yeo Eun Soo Ae So Yi Hyun So Yoo Jin
Suh Min Jung Suh Seung Hyun Sung Hyun Ah Sung Yu Ri
Sun Woo Eun Sook Sun Woo Sun Sun Woo Yong Nyeo UEE
Uhm Hyun Kyung Uhm Ji Won Uhm Jung Hwa Uhm Soo Jung

Korean actresses (W - Y)
Wang Bit Na Wang Hee Ji Woo Hee Jin Yang_Geum_Suk
Yang Jung Ah Yang Mi Kyung Yang Mi Ra Ye Ji Won
Yeo Min Joo Yeo Woon Kye Yoo Da In Yoo Ha Na
Yoo Hee Jung Yoo Ho Jung Yoo Hye Jung Yoo Hye Ri
Yoo In Young Yoo Ji In Yoo Joo Hee Yoo Min
Yoon Ah Jung Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Hae Young Yoon Hye Kyung
Yoon Hyun Sook Yoon Ji Hye Yoon Ji Min Yoon Jin Seo
Yoon Joo Hee YoonJungHee Yoon_Mi_Ra Yoon-Se-Ah
Yoon Seung Ah YoonSonHa Yoon So Yi YoonYeHee
Yoon_Yeo_Jung Yoon Yi Na Yoon Yoo Sun YooSeoJin
YooSeolAh Yoo_Sun Yoo Yeon Mi Yum Jung Ah

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