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This page is a brief introduction to the actors of Korean movies and dramas. The success of Korean dramas, a youth-dominated market, may be attributed to attractive actors and actresses who embody a number of traits that are very familiar to regular drama viewers and popular fantasies among women. Portrayed sensitivity and depth among male characters in Korean dramas attracts many female viewers.

More importantly though, these productions have universal themes that transcend cultures, typically dealing with traditional issues such as family, love, and filial piety in an age of changing technology and values.

As of October 2008, South Korea is the 13th largest economy and 9th largest film market in the world; thus its entertainment companies are able to finance shows and movies with higher production values than elsewhere in Asia. Korean artists' performances are slickly produced and often feature spectacular special effects. South Korea is indeed a developed country, which is greatly reflected on its dramas, movies and TV shows.

Korean male celebrities are now among the highest-paid actors outside of Hollywood. The best-selling international artists from Korea are Rain and BoA. Other international stars include Shinhwa, TVXQ and Super Junior. Korean male celebrities are now among the highest-paid actors outside Hollywood. According to the South Korean media, "Winter Sonata" star Bae Yong Jun, whose character stood by his first love through 10 years of car accidents and amnesia is now charging $5 million a film, the steepest price anywhere in Asia. In a few short years, Bae is said to have accumulated a merchandising and acting-fee empire worth an estimated $100 million. At least nine other Korean male stars earn more than $10 million a year, according to a list published in June by the Seoul-based Sports Hankook newspaper.

In Seoul, the neon-lit streets are mobbed these days by visiting Asian women, many sporting rhinestone-studded T-shirts emblazoned with images of their favorite Korean stars. Some fans have been known to stake out famous eateries for hours in the hopes of catching a glimpse of their celluloid beaus. Jang Dong Gun, now one of the highest-paid actors in Asia,said he was shocked when, during his first trip to Vietnam in 1998 to promote his new Korean TV drama, thousands of women mobbed his plane at the Hanoi airport and an armada of female fans on motor scooters chased his car all the way to his hotel.

South Korean men are the latest stars to rise with the "Korean Wave," a trend that has marked growing popularity of South Koreans and South Korean goods in China and throughout Asia. In 2001, the Seoul-based manufacturer Daewoo Electronics hired him as its Vietnam spokesman. Over the past five years, the company said, its refrigerators' market share in Vietnam went from a blip to a robust 34 percent. "If we can give them a little more joy in their life and show them another side of Korea, than I can only see that as a plus for us and them," he said.

In China, South Korean programs broadcast on government TV networks now account for more than all other foreign programs combined, including those from the United States and Japan, according to South Korean government statistics. Even in Mexico -- land of the telenovela -- a flock of local women stood outside South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun's hotel during a recent visit, holding placards with Korean stars' names.

In the United States, the Seoul-based singer Rain played two sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden in 2005. Also last year, sinewy Daniel Dae Kim, the Korean-born actor from the hit show "Lost," was the only Asian to land a spot in People magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive" edition. Though the Korean Wave hit Japan relatively late, washing ashore only within the past 24 to 36 months, the country has quickly become the largest market for Korean stars. Bae remains the biggest, but his supremacy is being challenged. Actor Kwon Sang Woo, for instance, is charging $200 for some seats at an upcoming "fan meeting" in Tokyo. Thousands of Japanese are scrambling for a chance to watch him play games with fans, chat and perform little song-and-dance numbers. Some tickets are going for as much as $500 on online auction sites. Almost all the major Korean male stars have opened lucrative "official stores" in Tokyo.

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Korean actors (A - D)
Ahn_Jae_Mo Ahn_Suk_Hwan AhnJaeWook Andy_Lee
Bae_Yong_Jun BaekSungHyun Baesoobin bongtaekyu
ByunHeeBong ByunWooMin Cha_Seung_Won Cha_Tae_Hyun
ChaInPyo ChaJinHyuk Cho_seung_woo Choi_Il_Hwa
Choi_Min_Soo ChoiJoonYong ChoiMinsik ChoiSiWon
ChoiSooJong ChoiSungJoon ChoiWooHyuk Choi-Yong-Min
Chun_Ho_Jin ChunJungMyung DanielHenney DennisOh

Korean actors (G - I)
GoMyungHwan Gonghyungjin GoSoo Ha_Jae_Young
Ha_Jung_Woo HaHa Han_jae_suk Han_Jin_Hee
HanJungSoo HaSukJin hero-jaejoong Hong_Kyung_Min
Huhjungmin Hujoonho HwangJeongMin HwanHee
Hyun_Bin Im_Ju_Hwan ImHo

Korean actors (J)
JangDonggun JangGeunSuk JangHyuk JangYong
Jihyunwoo JiJin-hee Jin_Goo JinYiHan
JiSung Jo_Dong_Hyuk Jo_Hyun_Jae Jo_Jae_Hyun
JoInsung JoKyeHyung JoKyungHwan
Joo_Jin_Mo Joo-Hyun JooSangWook JoYeonWoo
Jung_Sung_Hwan JungChan JungDongHwan
JungGyuWoon JungHanYong JungJinYoung JungJoonHo
JungKyungHo JungTaeWoo JungWook JungWoongIn
JungWooSung Jun-jin JunKwangRyul JunNohMin

Korean actors (K)
KamWooSung Kang_Ji_Sub KangDongWon KangDoo
KangJiHwan KangJungWoo KangKyungJoon Kangnamgil
Kim_Chang_Wan Kim_Da_Hyun Kim_Dongwan Kim_Ho_Jin
Kim_Hong_Pyo Kim_Il_Woo Kim_Jae_Won Kim_Jeong_Hoon
Kim_Ji_Hoon Kim_Ji_Suk Kim_Jung_Wook Kim_Kang_Woo
Kim_Ki_Bum Kim_Kyung_Shik Kim_Min_Jong Kim_Min_Joon
Kim_Rae_Won Kim_Sang_Kyung Kim_Seung_Woo Kim_Suk_Hoon
KimByungSe KimChanWoo KimGabSoo KimHeeChul
KimHeungSoo KimHyungIl KimHyungMin Kimjoohyeok
KimMyungMin KimNamJin KimSeungMin Kimseungsoo
KimSungMin KimSungSoo KimYongGun KiTaeYoung
KoJooWon Kwon_Hae_Hyo Kwon_Oh_Joong KwonSangWoo

Korean actors (L)
KyungJoon Lee_Bum_Soo Lee_Chun_Hee Lee_Dong_Gun
Lee_Jae_Hwang Lee_Jong_Soo Lee_Jung_Jae Lee_Jung_Jin
Lee_Ki_Woo Lee_Min_Ho Lee_Min_Ki Lee_Sang_Yoon
LeeByungHun Leedongwook LeeDukHwa LeeHanWie
LeeHyunJin LeeHyunWoo LeeJaeRyong LeeJiHoon
LeeJinWook LeeJongHyuk LeeJongWon LeeJooHyun
LeeJoon LeeJoonKi LeeJungGil leekiyoung
LeeKyuHan LeeMinWoo Leemoonshik leesangwoo
LeeSeoJin Lee-Seung-Ki LeeSoonJae LeeSungJae
LeeSunGyun LeeSunHo LeeTaeGon Leewan

Korean actors (M - Q)
Maxchangmin MickyYoochun NamGoongMin OhJiHo
OhManSuk Park_Chan_Hwan Park_Geun_Hyung Park_Jae_Jung
Park_Jung_Chul Park_Sang_Myun Park_Shi_Hoo Park_Yong-ha
ParkGunHyung ParkHaeJin ParkInHwan ParkJinWoo
ParkKiWoong ParkKwangHyun ParkSangMin ParkShinYang

Korean actors (R - Z)
Rain ryujin RyuShiWon RyuSooYoung
Se7en SeolGyeongGu Shin_Hyun_Joon ShinDongWook
ShinGoo ShinHaKyun So_Ji_Sub Song_Chang_Ui
Song_jong_ho SongIlGook SongJaeHo SongKangHo
SongSeungHun Suh_Tae_Hwa Uhm_Ki_Joon UhmTaeWoong
UKnowYunho WonBin XiahJunsu Yang_Dong_Geun
Yang-Jin-Woo YimHyunSik YooAhIn YooDongGeun
YooGun Yoon_Kye_Sang YoonTaeYoung YooSangHyun

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