Cherry Filter

Cherry Filter is a South Korean rock music group formed in 1997. Their unique sound - consisting of emotional ballads, punk rock, rave and trance - prevalent in their last two albums has given them fame across the nation. The song (Nangman Goyang-i, "Romantic Cat") from the album Made In Korea made Cherry Filter famous.

When Cherry Filter was first formed, everyone was curious about the meaning of the name "Cherry Filter". It actually has no meaning. The band says that they intentionally chose a name without any meaning. The band includes Cho Youjeen as the vocalist - who branched off into a solo career for 2 years in Japan, then returned back to Cherry Filter - Jojinbo on guitar, Yaenhead on bass, and Sonstar on drums.

Current members

Cheung Woo Jin, also known as Zin, (born April 20, 1976) is the leader and the guitarist of the group. Yaenhead (born September 21, 1976) plays the bass. Sonstar (born January 13, 1977 plays the drums and raps in several songs. Youjeen (born July 5, 1977) is Cherry Filter's vocalist.

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