Yurisangja (Member: Park Seung-wha, born 11 March 1969 Lee Se-jun, born 6 July 1972) is a male duo formed in 1997, singing pop-ballad.

"Yurisangja" means "glass box." The reason they chose it was derived from their hope - the one of putting in it the most precious things of the world. Because a glass box is transparent, as far as something valuable is put in that box, it can be seen, undistorted, from the outside. They wanted to show people the most precious and beautiful things of the world as they are.

Park Seung-wha made his debut as a solo singer in 1993. While Park was singing the 2nd album songs, Lee Se-jun, also a solo singer back then, participated in the chorus for Park's performance. So, they made a team - Yurisangja. This duo released its first album in 1997, 'The True Love Story.' It received rave reviews, and won and maintained popularity for a long period. The 2nd album, 'Looking for Love,' was released in 1998. Its title song was '331,' which was much loved and proved Yurisangja's popularity, though it had religious tints. The 3rd album, Be Happy released in 1999 ranked high in almost all charts, and became a frequently used wedding song. It gave the best songwriter award to Lee, who wrote its lyrics. In the 4th album, 'Home,' they changed their style by making album themselves. Afterwards, they, having tried a 'dynamic' change, went back again to a 'static' stage on which they released their 5th album, 'Sinabro (Little by Little)' in 2001.'Can We Love?,' the title of the 5th album, hit the jackpot so that it makes them the king of ballad. Yurisangja, with their enduring popularity, have been continuously loved of fans through the 6th album title 'A Good Day' and the 7th album title "Still."




1st Vol 1 Yurisangja
* Released: September 1, 1997
* Language: Korean

01 Thornbush
02 Monologue
03 Looking for Myself
04 Delighted and Happy for a Long Time
05 A Trouble Maker
06 A True Love Story
07 Glass shoes
08 At the End of Given Time
09 The Earth Stops
10 Like Me

2nd Vol 2 Looking for Love

* Released: August 18, 1998
* Language: Korean

01 331
02 A Place
03 Lateness
04 A Beautiful World
05 An Infant Bird's Little Dream
06 The First Given Love
07 A Rest
08 A Toy Top
09 A Christmas Early Evening
10 What I Am

3rd Vol 3 Be Happy

* Released: September 9, 1999
* Language: Korean

01 My Prayer
02 The Words I Never Said to You
03 The Day I'm Going to See You
04 To the Bride
05 For Myself
06 A Morning without You
07 A Beautiful World II
08 In the Last Time with You
09 The Saddest Thing in the World Is to Make Love Doomed to End
10 It Couldn't Be Better than This

4th Vol 4 Home

* Released: October, 2000
* Language: Korean

01 If You Ask Me
02 As for Me
03 Like What We Are Now
04 A Hope
05 I Love School
06 On a Rainy Day
07 Letting You Leave
08 Say it
09 In There
10 Another Different Hope
11 Here Are All of Us
12 As for Me

5th Vol 5 Sinabro(Little by Little)

* Released: November, 2001
* Language: Korean

01 Can I Love You?
02 To You Who Call Me a Friend
03 Two Men Story
04 You'll See
05 Rainy Night
06 Don't Go
07 Memories, over the Time
08 Each Other
09 On a Blue Night on Jeju Island
10 For the First Time

6th Vol 6 Favorite

* Released: December, 2002
* Language: Korean

01 My Love
02 Once upon a Time
03 The End of Love Is
04 I Couldn't Help It
05 Bye Bye Love
06 A Country Boy's Love Story
07 I Promise I'll Do Better
08 Even a Lie
09 A Good Day
10 Good-night

7th Vol 7 Family

* Released: December 20, 2003
* Language: Korean

01 Plain Love Song
02 Love and Repent...
03 Amelie
04 Turn around
05 Still
06 The Way I Live
07 Then, We Were...
08 Anticipation
09 Praise for 30s
10 I'm Asking a Favor of You
11 The Last
12 The Flames of Sunset
13 Would You Listen to Me?

8th Vol 8 Back to the First Time

* Released: October 4, 2004
* Language: Korean

01 Looking for A Person
02 1st Anniversary
03 By My Side
04 A Bitter Smile
05 A Sweet Potato Cake
06 I Have a Good Feeling
07 Is That So?
08 Babe!
09 The War against a Late Snack
10 What the Fuss about Life?
11 You Are My Home
12 Can We Love Each Other?

9th Vol 9 A Few Good Men

* Released: November 24, 2006
* Language: Korean

01 Memories
02 Just It Is
03 A Scratch Pad
04 My Love, Crybaby
05 Show

10th Vol 10 All that Yurisangja

* Released: April 10, 2008
* Language: Korean

01 Honeymoon
02 A Story after We're Parted
03 Can We Love Each Other?
04 The First Love
05 A True Love Story
06 For My First Angel
07 The Beauty of Share
08 If You Ask Me
09 Still
10 To the Bride
11 A Good Day
12 I Love You
13 A Sorrowful Angel
14 A Beautiful World
15 10 Years like a Day
16 Looking for a Person
17 1st Anniversary
18 Now We Can Love
19 To a Lady
20 At the Station In front of the City Hall
21 December’s Romance
22 Memories
23 A Scratch Pad
24 The War against a Late Snack
25 A Praise for 30s
26 To You Who Know My Sorrow
27 A Sad Smile
28 A Plain Love Song
29 You Are My Home
30 The Last


* KBS Music Award (1999) - Best Songwriter
* The 13th Seoul Music Award (2002) - Best Folk Song Singer

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